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Comment And for the rest of us (Score -1) 289

Please have a 3 month food supply of what you normally eat and perhaps an extended food storage. Buy a couple extra things when you go to the store. The LDS church has been teaching this for many years and it sure helps during more common disasters, like losing your job. Also have a 72 hour kit and a 2 week supply of water. They can be done relatively inexpensively. We went to Walmart and got their used 5 gallon icing buckets and cleaned them and and filled them with water. You are much much more likely to need to use something like this than a fortified bunker which is financially out of reach for most of us.

Comment Re:18 Terabytes?! (Score 1) 311

My understanding is that Mormons are only a small, but active group of people who work on their family histories. My understanding that most of's customers are not LDS. Researching your family history is a lot of fun. I found it great to see the long line of practical jokers starting with a great grandma who put on the bear rug after dark to encourage her son not to be doing his chores so late. It is also fascinating to see just how much things can change in just one generation. From the father who was hateful, and almost ate the Spanish guide, to two sons who received awards (one from the president of Mexico) and both served in their state legislatures. There are some incredible stories of faith and perseverance and some fun ones about interesting accomplishments. I encourage you to learn about those who came before you.

Comment Re:Communion (Score 1) 1128

I imagine the problem here is there is little difference between actual science (using the scientific method) and philosophy such as evolution with the overdrawn conclusions that we descended from amoebas. There is a difference with believing we need to be responsible stewards of this planet and that we need to give Al Gore all our money to save us from destruction.

Comment Re:Religion (Score 1) 501

I fail to see how that type of model even works. My understanding is that you buy a failing company and then figure out how to turn it around. If it can't be turned around then you kill it. Or I guess you could try to bribe people in government and try to get tax dollars to be an artificial life support. I would much rather have unprofitable companies die so people can move on to something better. As far as Mitt Romney's religion, I consider him a good member of the LDS Church (I am LDS myself). Was Mitt Romney wrong on abortion? Yes, but before we judge him too harshly you need to look at why. He had a cousin die from a botched self-abortion. He eventually figured out he was wrong and changed his position. Now as a disclaimer Romney is not my first choice, Ron Paul is. But I would be comfortable voting for Romney. Newt has made a career of being a serial liar but in private and public and although I like some things about Rick, he is only running to take votes from Mitt, just like Huckabee did 4 years ago. I think the primary is pretty much over and Romney will get the nomination. Newt is just trying to get him to spend all his money before he goes against Obama. Just my opinion.

Comment Re:Average European-25% Average American (Score 1) 309

From my experience this has nothing to do with things being "unfair" but everything to do with a broken welfare system, education/immigration. I see many Hispanics don't make much money because there are so many uneducated immigrants and so many are here illegally that they can't find high paying jobs. Through more education and better immigration laws this will go up. From what I have seen with blacks, the US welfare system is destroying them. A larger percent of them grow up in broken homes. The father don't need to be there because the government has taken on the role of provider. From my experience trying to help a poor black teen she was felt entitled to everything and although given plenty of opportunities refused to take advantage of them. I am not saying all blacks or Hispanics are this way but I think it does skew the statistics.

Comment Christmas is a time for giving (Score 1) 239

My family love to do a 12 days of Christmas to a family in need, whether through lack of funds or a lack of appreciation. We also try to participate in local charities. This year my work organized a coat drive for refugees coming from southeast asia and experiencing a very cold winter for the first time. There are plenty of people who need a hand up so find one and help.

Comment Re:Not sure DRM is the biggest issue at the moment (Score 1) 355

Great points. For me it is about storage space. I already have hundreds of books I have to store. I would rather have new ones on my Kindle. They are also much easier to find and I can read a sample before I purchase it (which means I am much more likely to read it).

Comment Re:The way I see it (Score 1) 530

Great point. That is why you need to keep learning and improving your craft. Nobody owes you anything, especially a job. If you can't provide value to trade for money you had better rethink your strategy. You are responsible for your own career and not anybody else.

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