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Comment Christmas is a time for giving (Score 1) 239

My family love to do a 12 days of Christmas to a family in need, whether through lack of funds or a lack of appreciation. We also try to participate in local charities. This year my work organized a coat drive for refugees coming from southeast asia and experiencing a very cold winter for the first time. There are plenty of people who need a hand up so find one and help.

Comment Re:Not sure DRM is the biggest issue at the moment (Score 1) 355

Great points. For me it is about storage space. I already have hundreds of books I have to store. I would rather have new ones on my Kindle. They are also much easier to find and I can read a sample before I purchase it (which means I am much more likely to read it).

Comment Re:The way I see it (Score 1) 530

Great point. That is why you need to keep learning and improving your craft. Nobody owes you anything, especially a job. If you can't provide value to trade for money you had better rethink your strategy. You are responsible for your own career and not anybody else.

Comment Understand academics and money (Score 0, Flamebait) 695

If you don't get your tenure you don't get your job. If you don't get your grant money you don't get your tenure. If you are disagreeable you don't get your grant money which means you don't get your tenure which means you don't have a job. Is Global Warming? I'm not sure. Is is man-made? I am not sure. Is it being exploited at the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars and to eventually give more power to world bodies. OF COURSE.

Comment Re:Nothing to surprising (Score 1) 1271

People are greedy, regardless of whether they are communist or capitalist. The problem comes with the centralization of power and people cheating and abuse that power. The best system has a distribution of power. Look at how the original US Constitution separated power not only into different branches but also electing each group by a separate group. Unfortunately power has been concentrated in the federal government now, especially in the president and supreme court.

Comment Re:Darn (Score 1) 788

I wish people could see past the two parties. Bush and Obama and Clinton and Bush, and probably even Reagan are to blame. Keep going back. Our economic policy has been suicidal for quite some time. But the two party system demands that you be loyal to one party and hence ignore the faults of your own party. Why did Clinton do well? Perhaps it was the federal reserve playing with interest rates AGAIN (just like they did before the great depression). This is how it works. The fed lowers interest rates. People borrow more money because it is cheap. Due to the fact that banks only need to keep a small portion of your money as a reserve the rest gets lent out multiple times over (fractional reserve banking). Because interest rates are low this multiplier is bigger. People borrow and spend, borrow and spend. This creates bubbles like we saw in the housing market (and in the stock market in the 20s) as people want easy money. Eventually the bubble bursts. Much of this multiplied money just disappears and there is less money so you go from inflation to deflation. Then the federal reserve add trillions of new dollars, original money, which has yet to be multiplied with fractional reserve banking. We follow the Keynsian model which allows people to cheat as they concentration power is great in Washington. I much prefer the Hayek model where people make their own choices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTQnarzmTOc is a great video showing the difference.

Comment Re:Tips... (Score 1) 519

Really? I'm not forcing him to work for me. I am exchanging my money for his service. If he doesn't like the arrangement he doesn't have to participate. That being said, I try to be very generous with people when I can, but not because I am compelled.

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