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Comment Re:R&D (Score 4, Insightful) 225

Exactly, the man's an idiot, especially this gem "The United States' high-technology, high-price, and high-maintenance weaponry is of relatively little value in such conflicts." What he fails to understand is that it is our high tech overwhelming advantage that forces them to use methods such as IEDs, since we ream their asses in any conventional confrontation.

Comment Re:This quote states it best... (Score 1) 378

That's because you didn't use the car analogy. Namely, IE is the car, their internal to the computer directories are the driveway and their postal box, their internal to the network directories are the closest town and stores along normal roads, and anything with www uses the highway to get where it needs to. A vast simplification which can be wrong if you use an internal DNS, but otherwise quite correct.

Comment Re:Toyota's brake did not override the accelerator (Score 1) 603

Sorry, but even if true that doesn't cut the mustard. These are not souped up muscle cars with bog-standard braking systems, and even if true that the accelerator stuck the brakes would have been more than able to have slowed and stopped the car. All of the "malfunctions" reported continuous hard acceleration.

Comment Re:What about Google driverless car? (Score 3, Interesting) 603

*blinks* You're not well versed in the effect of turbulence on localized airspeed or altitude are you? The sensors will report airspeeds that are only possible in a dive, combined with the loss of altitude even though the angle of attack is level or steady could easily cause software to attempt to pull out of the "dive". That assumes that the plane is allowed to override human input, which is a seriously fucking asinine design if true.

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