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Comment Re:Fuck IPv6 (Score 1) 305

Figure an average 3-4 people per household. Then figure that half the households in the world don't and won't have internet access for the next 5-10 years. Then figure that sooner or later China's gonna actually get smart about their internet censorship and put their entire population behind a NAT anyway(Out of curiosity, why haven't we just done that with an additional 1 number prefix for continent routing rather than this IPv6 shit anyway?)

Comment Re:hahaha! (Score 1) 932

Sorry, but there were plenty of scientists who denounced Gally as wrong as well. This is because he was a giant fucking asshole to everyone, including his contemporaries, and completely fucking wrong on quite a few subjects, meteors being but one. Had Gally not been such a giant asshole and also decided that snidely insulting the pope was a bad career move, the church never would have put him on trial in the first place, let alone successfully.

Comment Re:Gun grabbers never give up (Score 1) 584

Clearly a certain marine needs to take a statistics class. As well as pay attention to trends. Namely the trend of more guns in the US over the past 20 years along with a 49% reduction in homicide rates and a 70%+ reduction in other gun crime rates. Yet more guns per capita are in circulation than ever before in the history of the US.

Comment Re:Pretty chilling honestly (Score 1) 548

The DoJ stopped being about upholding the rule of law the moment a Chicago politico was elected to the White House by the percentage of the electorate that are complete and utter fucking morons(seriously, Vermin Supreme would have been tolerable in comparison) and installed another longtime Chicago politico into the highest police office in the country.

Comment Re:Communist revolution is needed (Score 1) 548

The NRA specifically notes in it's charter that it is a gun rights organization. VERY single focus for the simple reason that allowing the focus to widen decreases efficacy. Thus, while they will note other abuses, they will not lobby against them. That's the specific purview of organizations like the EFF and FIRE. Also state level ACLU orgs. The national level org can go fuck itself.

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