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Comment Re:Honesty? (Score 0) 440

Except biologists by and large can prove their work. There's no band of CO2 forcing in the upper atmosphere which should be present according to every one of the accepted models. If temps don't start to increase in the next 5 years than every major CO2 forcing model goes from slightly broken to utterly useless. In any case, unless we go all world conquering asshole, kill off 90% of the earth's population and then impose MAJOR fucking emissions restrictions on the remainder CO2 increase will not stop. So, assuming arguendo that the AGW proponents are correct, every lobbying dollar and funding initiative should currently be being spent on finding large scale CO2 sequestration methods or massive geogeneering projects. Preferably the former if at all possible.

Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

Trayvon's mistakes started long before he met Zimmerman. According to his own texts and tweets he smoked pot and did lean, oddly enough two possible ingredients of which are Arizona Watermelon Drink and Skittles. Even though he was not high at the time, both drugs have long lasting effects, which includes paranoia for both pot and lean, and psychotic breaks and violent thoughts in the case of lean alone.

Comment Re:Now there's a petition on (Score 2) 309

Except that the ban on shipping cars direct to customers would apply to both Tesla, as well as out of state car dealerships if for some bizarre reason you bought a car from said dealership and wanted it shipped to you. Operating a dealership also adds a large surcharge on the item in question. As such, it violates 3 and 4 of the majority holding.

Comment Re:Damage control (Score 3, Insightful) 611

Well, except for the fact that they've stated that they will release an unlock if at all possible if the company ever goes out of business. And the fact that Steam DRM is ridiculously easy to crack and they have not made any real effort to improve it except from the multiplayer security aspect. Which is almost certainly because they both know that stopping pirates is ineffectual and it will allow people to continue playing games if anything catastrophic happens to Valve.

Comment Re:Republicans should "go for it" (Score 1) 311

Actually, their views are that as long as AGW proponents merely concoct pecuniary schemes that would do jack all to solve the actual problem according to their own fucking computer modelsd while greatly reducing quality of life, one should treat their demands accordingly. Which is to say ignore them. As for science skepticism, well, there's a damned good reason for that.

Comment Re:It's incredible to me (Score 2) 322

If you're so fucking worried about children, ban pools and 5 gallon buckets. You'll save a fuckton more children that way. The only reason your lefty schizo buddy Loughner was able to get a gun was because the mental health system failed. Same with Lanza. Both of them were beyond the stage of paranoid schizo where they should have been forcible committed. Also, why is it that all the mass shooters lately have lefty tendencies?

Comment Re:It is all software, really (Score 1) 509

No, they used that as the excuse. the reality is they weren't getting the Euro tax breaks they had expected and felt it was a waste of money for the upkeep as they made upgrades to the rest of the OS to make sure said upgrades did not impact OtherOS functionality. So hey cut it entirely, citing piracy fears as the reason.

Comment Re:Bad science (Score 1) 152

If and when AGW proponents start treating the issue seriously and try to solve it rather than make shitloads off of pecuniary schemes that would at best mitigate less than 10% of any harmful effects(assuming arguendo that their models are correct) while simultaneously greatly reducing quality of life, I will start to take them seriously. Since there's virtually no one demanding massive amounts of money be put into carbon sink research and major geoengineering projects, that time has not yet come.

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