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Comment Not the first number one on downloads at all (Score 4, Informative) 362

it's interesting to note that this is the first song to reach the number one spot through downloads alone in the UK

Umm, no it isn't. Crazy by Gnarles Barkley was the first song to reach number one in the UK on downloads alone. This was the first song to be the Christmas number 1 on downloads alone.

Comment Re:Microsoft still doesn't get it and never will (Score 1) 389

I for one will never switch from google

OK so you have some ability to see into the future in as much as no search engine will ever come along that is ever better than Google.

Get off your high horse. Yes I agree that Microsoft's approach is wrong in that they often try to influence peoples opinion and choice of products. I for one despise them for this and try to avoid their software like the plague. Hpever I am also not so blinkered that I can never see a day where Google does not rule the world (in search engine terms at least).

Don't say you will never switch from Google, an innovative company could pop up tomorrow that shows us a brand new way to index information on the web that is much more efficient and all of a sudden people like you will be slagging of Google and classing them as the new Microsoft because you have a new idolised company. I'm not a fan of Microsoft but possibly the only thing I dislike more is the people who hate them for the sake of hating them, please at least give us a good argument and not a load of crap that makes no sense.

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