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Comment Re:Article says the opposite? (Score 1) 257

More basic than the browsers - will the antivirus guys like Norton, Kaspersky, ESET, et al continue to support XP?

They'll pretty much have to, given that they've pretty much lost their market share to MSE on Win7, and Win8+ comes with built-in antivirus. XP users are the only remaining (relatively) lucrative market. When that dries up, they'll probably drop the ball altogether.

Comment Re:yeah, those bastards (Score 2) 786

Here is prime example of what passes as political discourse in Washington these days. Calling your opponents 'hairless apes'

He didn't call his opponents hairless apes. He called humans in general hairless apes.

But, yes, agree, it's a crying shame what passes as political discourse these days. People making knee-jerk reply without even reading what they're replying to. Preposterous!

Oh, and as far as your whole "Democrats this, Republicans that". Here's what actually happened. The President and the Senate asked for a budget without defunding of already passed programs. The House was willing to pass such a budget, but the minority of people in it, including the Speaker, simply refused to put it up for vote. They also happened to prepare in advance by amending a number of House rules that would otherwise allow other members to bring up the vote after the failed reconciliation with the Senate, so that everything would have to go through the Speaker - and the Speaker would, again, deny the vote on anything other than the bill he wanted to pass.

So, the ones who hijacked the government and shut down the republican system of it are not Democrats, and not even Republicans in general. It's Tea Party and their allies.

Comment Re:Enough already... (Score 1) 215

The only reason why US is harmed by those releases is because US (or rather its government) did some seriously fucked-up shit in secret. Now that it's out in the open, instead of owning up and apologizing, you keep pretending that it's nothing bad, while at the same time scrambling like mad to get revenge on Snowden for exposing you with pants down. It would be sad if it wasn't so hilarious to watch. I wonder what it is the next thing that Obama (or Holder) is going to deny that will be proven to be false by the next release, showing them for the assholes that they are. Gotta get some more popcorn...

Comment Re:"apex predators" (Score 1) 258

Regardless, even if EVERYTHING ends up being automated (except programming the automation machines), that doesn't mean there should be wealth distribution to give away one's money to another for doing nothing.

When everything is automated, the notion of money becomes rather nebulous to begin with. Money represents scarcity of resources, including productive labor. If labor is no longer scarce, it cannot be tied to money in any meaningful way anymore.

Comment Re:"apex predators" (Score 1) 258

This is only reasonable within the traditional capitalist framework where everyone has to work to earn their living. When you cling to that framework, as automation and other technological advances reduce the number of people required to efficiently create some product or perform some service, you have to introduce artificial inefficiency into the market so as to "create jobs". This is basically a form of the broken window fallacy, and, as such, bullshit. We need more efficient processes, and if that results in less workforce being utilized, well, perhaps it's time for universal basic income guarantee?

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