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Comment Re:Nothing New (Score 5, Insightful) 628

Nice theory, too bad it's nonsense.  Seriously, do you have any evidence?

Isn't it much more logical that it was simply a struggle for control over Korea by the more powerful nations, that ended in a deadlock?

Korea had never been a potent independent economic player in history--I very much doubt the current status of the south, for example, was something anyone from outside Korea was expecting.

It's *not* that big a country, bro.  Your argument doesn't make any sense, and you have no evidence, so please don't spread drivel.  Bad enough we have Glen Beck conjecturing on camera...

Comment Re:Good News! Warmer since the ice age (Score 1) 416

The warming is a toxic pollution, because it's happening so fast.

Ocean acidification is a direct consequence of increased carbon emissions.

If we manage to kill off our oceans, we will all die.  That's my concern.  So I think we should make a real, sincere (but not panicky) effort to change this.

Comment Re:Meh If thats what you call interaction (Score 1) 294

Or, you could try being more civil and friendly with people.

That's not to say waste their time, but as opposed to grunting out "coffee with sugar" you could try something along the lines of "hi, how are you?  could i get a coffee with sugar, please".

a) you'll be amazed at the level of service you receive.  I frequently get nice "extras" added to my order because the worker is so amazed to be treated like a human being.

b) you'll also reduce the chances of nasty "extras" such as spit or urine. 

Comment Innovation is dangerous (Score 1) 103

When I started working on my game several years ago, I decided to actually *use* the hardware.  As a result, almost nobody could even play it reliably until the last couple years or so.

In other words, I am insane--unlike professional game studios.

If yer curious it's free please please come play my game :-)

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