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Comment They should mind their own business (Score 1) 123

Parents are more than capable of handling this decision on their own. These days people trying to eek out a living and doing something beyond the norm to set themselves apart don't need bad publicity because some think-tank believes that these types of things are too much for parents to think about. This doesn't need to controlled or mandated.

Comment Re:So what do I do? (Score 1) 132

You use comcasts DNS servers, you are down stream from them in a "line". Their DNS servers will be (or have already been) updated to recieve DNSSEC responses, but they will translate and forward regular DNS responses to your cable modem. they can do it. It seems like a good way to force comcast customers be unable to bypass their DNS servers. This way they won't need to update any firmware on the customers end, which will save them man-hours and they can hijack failed DNS responses and display a page with "we R teh roxors!" or something in it. It could happen anyway.

Comment Re:Much more primitive than we expect (Score 1) 648

We may very well be the "ancient" civilization that starts everything.

And the Earth is flat and everything circles it. Sorry, but I dont have the massive Christianity (and other dogmas) based ego to believe any of that.

If that were in anyway a Christian-based religious comment then I would have added "But it's not going to happen because most of us will be raptured and the others killed way before the tech becomes available"...I'm trying to see how you drew that conclusion.

Comment Re:depends on the meaning of "for real" (Score 1) 443

If all the game's DRM subs are expecting static values it is rather trivial to parse through the DRM routines piecemeal and pass values until they return relevant data. If their dynamic than an algorithm can be deduced from the successfully passed values. It's already done in some keygens. It just seems people are getting lazy.

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