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Comment Re:lol @ 'finally standing up' (Score 1) 453

Please folks the rules are you can not get on live if you mode your box. You still have your XBox you just can not play it on line anymore.

Not true.
Microsoft is not allowing banned xbox to connect to media center either. This isn't just about disabling the ability to game on xbox live. They are trying to kill the used xbox 360 market with this move.

Comment Re:Why switch to openSuse? (Score 2, Informative) 207

And it's problematic if you do like editing config files. At least when I was using it (Suse 10.0 or 10.1?) before I switched to Kubuntu, Yast didn't play well with config files I had hand-edited and tended to overwrite my changes. Package management was god-awful in the Suse 10 release too, but I'm assuming that's been fixed by now.

Comment Re:Wait for the fine print (Score 1) 542

Any device that uses DRM to limit what the user can do after they have purchased it has already lost, in my opinion. The Amazon Kindle 1984 deletion debacle is a good example of why giving the manufacturer control of the content on the device is a very bad thing. I like to OWN the things that I buy, not license them. Why does Barnes and Noble have the right to decide that I can only loan MY book to someone else for 14 days?

Comment Re:CARB, necessary evil (Score 1) 762

BS. Auto air conditioning does not reduce mileage very much, according to the article here: "As for using the air conditioner, go ahead. It has little impact on gas mileage." So unless you are starting your car and leaving it running in the driveway with the A/c at full blast for five minutes before you drive off, there shouldn't be much of an impact on mileage.

Comment Re:But still... (Score 1) 710

It really depends on the CFL bulb. I have 3 GE G40 bulbs that come on at almost full brightness instantly in my bathroom vanity. The fourth bulb in the fixture is a G40 CFL from Costco that takes about 3 minutes to come up to full brightness. It's a dull red color for several minutes compared to the bright white of the GE bulbs. I also had 3 of these Costco CFL bulbs burn out after only about 4 months of usage too. Cheap Chinese junk.

Comment Re:and why do you have to pay for stuff that is FR (Score 3, Interesting) 82

The freely available x360mediaserver will send streaming internet radio to the xbox360. It runs on any PC with java (Linux or windows). I haven't tried it with, but I assume it would work. If it doesn't, run the Lastfm stream through LastFMProxy and connect to the proxied stream with x360mediaserve.

Comment Re:Use Qt.... (Score 4, Insightful) 948

QT is probably the best GUI toolkit in history, in my opinion. Since it's now available under the LGPL license, I have to assume that the development project the whiner from Google is talking about was done before the LGPL QT 4.5 version was released or is not written in C++. Standardization is fine and all, but please, please don't standardize on GTK. Take a look at the hideously ugly GTK file picker for an example of why the usability of GTK UIs leaves something to be desired.

Comment Re:Sensationalism (Score 2, Informative) 383

Can someone please tell me why Fox News is always singled out on Slashdot? Is CNN and MSNBC any better? If so, explain.

Fox News tends to have a right wing agenda. Fox was on when I was at the gym yesterday afternoon. They were interviewing some ex-mayor from someplace in New Jersey who was advocating closing the US/Mexico border and was basically claiming that we needed to crack down on illegal immigration because, you see we have hundreds of thousands of these Mexicans sneaking into our country and they would be the biggest threat to the US in spreading the swine flu. Fox News idea of fair and balanced is to give voice to this xenophobic racist crap. That is why many here don't care for Fox News.

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