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Comment Re:This just goes to show... (Score 1) 87

You can't add security on top of an unsecure OS.

RIM could run Android in a VM and the BB infrastructure in another, signed VM, thus partitioning the unsecured from the secured and maintain compatibility.

I believe RIM could do it, but it will require some out-of-the-box thinking and courage on their part. I don't think they have many hands left at this point.

Comment Re:WD Live (Score 1) 217

I'd like to second this recommendation. The main omission from this device is the lack of Amazon Prime streaming support. Also, there is a problem with switching audio in a mp4/m4v file sends video racing ahead, however, strangely enough, mkv's work fine. No sub-$250 device I'm aware of does it all perfectly, but overall, I recommend the WDTV Live it and would buy again.

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