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Submission + - TOP500 Supercomputing list (

Jerry Smith writes: " has compiled once again The Supercomputer TOP500. Five new entries in the top 10, number 2 and 3. Number 4 is.. a debutant from India! Check the list in its full glory at, and think of whát supercomputers are being witheld by governments and private companies, and what they are used for..."

Submission + - Simon Pegg to play Scotty (

Jerry Smith writes: " Simon Pegg will be the young Scotty in the latest Star Trek movie. From TFA: "Pegg joins Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, John Cho as Sulu and Zachary Quinto as Spock in the film which reportedly, and logically, "chronicles the early days of the Enterprise crew". Leonard Nimoy will also put in an appearance, while Eric Bana signed up this week as the movie's villain, Nero.""

Submission + - The breathalyzer: to the source, for great justice (

Jerry Smith writes: "Our good friends at Ars have an interesting story: suppose you commit a crime or fellony, and computers play an important part in proving you did what was claimed you did... are you then entitled to have a go a the sourcecode or specific technical properties to make sure you won't be convicted because of an aparatus that decided you were guilty? ml gives an example."

Submission + - mathematical model about freeloaders (

Jerry Smith writes: " 88CF452-E7F2-99DF-3EBC599C3A9F1C6FScientific American reports about a mathematical model, describing rather common social behaviour: "When humans live together, they work together — whether they are building cities or just trying to snag some grub for dinner. But if you can still reap the benefits of contributions to the greater good without lifting a finger yourself, why would you not choose that option? Chances are you tow the line out of fear of being punished." A very interesting read, and one of the findings was that "...the punishers must dominate to sustain the success of a collective activity." 2-E7F2-99DF-3EBC599C3A9F1C6F&pageNumber=2&catID=1 for the non-print-version."

Submission + - *nix systems more likely to be targeted by malware

Jerry Smith writes: "A Senior Virus Analyst from Kaspersky Lab writes 04791938: "It's also likely that there will be a significant increase in the number of malicious programs for other operating systems, primarily for MacOS, and for other *nix systems. Gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Nintendo are also likely to be targeted, as the increasing number of such devices and their ability to connect to each other and the Internet will make them a juicy potential target for virus writers." I guess there's software waiting to be sold?"

Submission + - Europa has grown up.

Jerry Smith writes: ",,13509-2577 471,00.html reports that Americans are no longer the longest people in the world. Junk food and worse access to healthcare are the most probable causes. From TFA: "Today, the two authors say, young white American men are 4.7cm ( just over 1¾in) shorter than Dutch men, and white American women are 5.7cm (just under 2¼in) shorter than their Dutch counterparts." Well, it's not size that matters, does it?"

Submission + - Microsoft into chips-industry?

Jerry Smith writes: " t.html?_r=1&em&ex=1161403200&en=6d95c61af8557b8a&e i=5087%0A&oref=slogin The New York Times reports, that Microsoft might turn their attention to development of chips. From TFA: "For more than two decades, Microsoft's software and Intel's processors were so wedded that the pairing came to be known as Wintel. But as that computing era wanes, Microsoft is turning to a new source of chip design: its own labs." My guess is (as also mentioned in the article) its emphasis will lie with the Zune, Xbox and other appliances, not with the desktop-machines."

Submission + - Eloi or Morlock?: pick your species

Jerry Smith writes: "The as an interesting article about the genetic developments of the human race. Mentioned are the changes in physique, phychology and social skills. From the fine article: "Spoiled by gadgets designed to meet their every need, they could come to resemble domesticated animals. (...) Social skills, such as communicating and interacting with others, could be lost, along with emotions such as love, sympathy, trust and respect." But no worry: it's not to be expected in the near future."

Submission + - Hubble takes pictures of colliding galaxies

Jerry Smith writes: " lision/The Register reports that the Hubble Space Telescope is still going strong, and took snapshots of two colliding galaxies. That is GALAXIES, sizes average between thousands and hundres of thousand lightyears, containing ten million to one trillion (107 to 1012) stars (as in 'suns', each posibbly with planets and planetoids). Direct link: releases/2006/46/image/a, link to big picture: a/formats/xlarge_web.jpg . The proces took hundreds of millions of years, and will take more hundreds of millions of years."

Submission + - Combining pain and pleasure

Jerry Smith writes: " .html Ars Technica reports about the (possible) future of fitness centers: "In addition to the standard array of cardio equipment and weights, Overtime Fitness has several gaming-oriented machines." Equipment has already been used to generate electricity for the grid, now you might be able to go to the gym and have some fitness fun!"

Submission + - NASA still wants stairway to heaven

Jerry Smith writes: "The Guardian,,1863 755,00.html reports "Each of the groups that will gather in New Mexico is competing to win a Nasa prize set up to encourage entrepreneurs to start development work on the technology needed to create a space elevator." It still might take a wile though, progress is slow, so slow."

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