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Comment Re:Should be good for the economy (Score 1) 1530

umm the drug negotions happen. They screw over the retail pharmacies every day. medicare/medicaid says "Here is how much we will re-imburse for drug X" then the pharmacies take it in the shorts because the big Pharm companies wont go lower on price because they spent 3 billon on this drug and are spending another 8 billion jumping through hoops on the next few drugs thanks to the FDA.

Comment Re:Should be good for the economy (Score 1) 1530

The death panel crap didnt even register with my conservative friends. It was all over the media and no one cared. What people did care about was all the anti-pro-life legislation that was involved in the healthcare bill and everywhere else. If the democrats (which there are quite a few dems for life), would conceed this one issue in their bills you would be impressed at what the conservatives would let through.

Comment Re:Cut spending on Vietghanistan (Score 1) 1530

I get tired of you Marxists complaining about these multi-million dollar salaries being unfair. Considering that the execs in question control billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs, I would say that we should be as competitive as possible to get the best people in place. You know what, many times these millionaires and billionaires give extreme amounts of money to charities...the same cannot be said for most middle class Americans.

However, I am with you as long as you change working class to middle class. I have a number of friends who have 5 kids and make less than 50K a year who pay no taxes. Then you have the upper class who have the ability to hire financial teams that take advantage of all the loopholes in the broken system. So what you have left is people like myself, who make between 50 and 100K a year, and have about 33% of the paycheck go to uncle sam right off the bat. Then pay another 7% of that on sales taxes. Which means for busting my balls I get 20% more than my buddy who is just coasting, and I get none of the assistance with my kids.

So as long as the Reps and Dems keep the taxes high for the middle class, we will keep voting for change, which is what both sides want.

Comment Re:Should be good for the economy (Score 1) 1530

But how is that different from what the Dems did the last 2 years? Not saying that republicans are any better but we have some black kettles here. The democrats refused to budge one inch in the last couple years. Do you know how much legislation we could have passed if the D party wouldn't have been hell bent on pushing the one agenda in every bill that Conservatives wont budge on? Abortion? We could have had the health care bill done in a fraction of the time and we could have had a ton of other bills done in this last two years. Yet per the usual The Dem party always finds a way to shoot themselves in the foot. Now we are going to have to wait another 4 years until we can get anything done. bravo.

Comment Re:Not everyone needs a Ford Focus (Score 1) 606

I agree completely, I am a big fan of appropriate technology. Sometimes a whitebox is a good idea, I have made hundreds. But in this situation it is almost never a good idea.

Besides the corporate network is moving to a virtualized environment, I dont even think PCs are necessary anymore. Why buy PCs when you can grab a set of MS licenses, $250 thinclients, and be free of the mess.

Comment Re:There's no point buying that without support (Score 1) 606

In that case if we are going down the atom route (not the biggest concern) you can check out the Zino series.

But seriously, there is a reason this is not done. There is a cost to doing business. Only the extremely shortsighted look at a $1000 business class PC from HP/Dell/IBM and say it is a ripoff. I can build a dune buggy for a couple hundred dollars but it is not going to replace a ford focus.

Even on the $300 dell you still get a 90 day - 1 year warranty. Hell you can even get a 3-4 year warranty on it for a couple hundred. And all this isnt even counting dell outlet where you can pick up PCs in the >$250 range.

I admire people thinking outside of the box but hackjobs on networks just hurts everyone involved.

Comment Re:Not so much (Score 1) 606

$1000 for a pc is because the TFA is a noob. A seasoned admin would understand the price and/or move to the Vostro series for $300 a PC. If he wants to forgo the warranty and quality parts he can hit up the Inspiron series as well even go for some Zino PCs. With the $1000 optiplex you are getting a kick ass warranty, solid parts (with a few hiccups over the past 15 years). You are getting enterprise support, a discount, consistency. But if none of these things are important to you, you still cant beat $300-$500 for a PC building it on your own. You have to factor in your time, no warranty, and hassle as has been mentioned and you are back up to $1000+ over the life of the PC. Not to mention the poor SOB who will replace you and inherit the hell you just created.

My advice, if $1000 is too much then break down the cost of the $1000 PC and decide what you can live without, the vostro $300 line will do you just fine, and I dare you to put together a PC for cheaper in a business environment.

Comment Re:I went one further (Score 1) 1260

In high school we talked about this at length to the point that I was the only one left, accepting the proof but not the result. 12 years later I still get grief for it but I stand by the point. Largely now due to the parent's rational. But in science we need to look at practical as well as theoretical. It isn't an XOR.

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