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Comment They're right, of course (Score 1, Interesting) 725

The dirty, filthy secret is of course that they are right. But the educated buffoons who make up the majority of Slashdot's readership will just use this as an opportunity to pummel anyone they consider "ignorant" in comparison to themselves. Let's get it out of the way, shall we? They're ignorant. Stupid. Illiterate. Backwards. Primitive believes in invisible Sky Daddy Fairy Unicorn. Ahh... there we go.

Now for the seriousness - replacing names with numbers is just one of the many tools governments across the world use to dehumanize their populations. Nothing is more dangerous to a government than free people who consider themselves sovereign entities and treat the edicts of their government with contempt. The government wants to impress you, show off for you, convince you they have all the power and you have none. It is illegal in this country the United States to have a baby and not immediately report that birth. Is it because they care so much about your child and want to make sure it's taken care of? All evidence says no, of course they don't give a damn. They just want to make sure they know who and where this new person is so they can subject them to a lifetime of oppression. From public schooling to mandatory health insurance purchasing to jury duty, the government needs to know you exist so they can make you submit.

These villagers might not be right in their exact theology, but that makes no difference. They correctly recognize that enumerating human beings as if they were any other commodity is a tool of dehumanization that makes life less valuable in the eyes of the paper pushers who decide whether to bomb you or to build you a bridge. It's a tool for treating the human soul as a cost-benefit calculation, as just another thing to be thrown away when it's no longer usefully working.

But of course, they're ignorant and stupid and you are so much infinitely smarter and wiser. That's why you've allowed yourselves to be treated like cattle and sheepherded into any pen the government conceives for you. Keep your protests in a Free Speech Zone and when the government decides to shut down the internet you will have to find someplace else to parade your intellectual superiority.

Comment useful for self-defense? (Score 0) 463

does anyone have any comments on the potential usefulness of this item as a self-defense weapon? I've been considering a gun, but if this can really blind in seconds it might do the same job without all the pesky hoops and carry laws. How long would it take to blind an assailant with this item?

Comment karma is real (Score -1, Offtopic) 228

Does this perfect storm of catastrophe seem odd to anyone else? Could it really be that there is no omnipresent spiritual component to the collapse of ecosystems, the annihilation of the Gulf, the depleted uranium littering Iraq, the total moral depravity of the States that comprise the world? The story of SEC workers looking at kiddie porn cannot be disentangled from the BP regulators going to hookers and blow parties with the industry giants.

I cannot understand this, do you think you're making out like bandits? Do you think that your lifestyle, built as it is upon death and underhanded dealings, will continue without consequences? The evidence that human beings are afflicted by an illness that is spiritual in nature is right in front of you. It's not an illness of the body, or even precisely the mind - you are sick in your awareness. Your awareness is stunted and retarded. You are not aware of the condition that you are in and you are suffering the consequences for it.

2012 is a metaphor but the phenomenon is real. Laser eye surgery can correct defects in the organ of the eye, but what technology will correct a defect in your awareness? Karma is real - it is the relationship of causes and effects that ensures that war brings war, death brings death, immorality brings immorality, and ignorance brings ignorance. Correct the defect in your awareness and perceive the correct relation between the Gulf spill and the actions and ignorance which brought it into being.

Comment wHY nOT? (Score -1, Flamebait) 215

Local governments in Texas are already using them to spy on citizens. And I'm sure they'd only be used for the stated purpose and carry no secret capabilities at all. Just like the pervert naked airport scanners don't save pictures until they do; just like you can turn off the GPS tracker on your cellphones but you can't, just like every other lie and deception you people have gobbled like candy on October 31st.

Obama has already put US citizens on assassination hit lists, which is the logical consequence of your deafening silence about the assassination of Afghanis and Pakistanis and Iraqis, and their families, without charge or trial. So forgive me if I get the giggles in my FEMA detention trailer if they grant me the mercy of reading the occasional newspaper while I watch you all suffer from exactly the Hell you have cheered on when it was happening to so many other people.

Oh, don't forget to mod me down usual mob of government shills and employees wasting my tax dollars trolling internet forums.

Comment Re:I Don't See the Connection Here (Score 0, Troll) 69

Remember FedGov giving Sunni insurgents a fortune in guns and money and called it the "Anbar Awakening?" Now I'm no rocket scientist but if it was me and my hated enemy was pleased to give me weapons and bundles of cash for the promise that I wouldn't fight them I'd take the deal and then turn around and buy more weapons. What do you think happened to that missing plane full of hundred dollar bills eh? Why did Rumsfeld fail to secure Iraqi munitions dumps while putting policy into place that put most Sunnis out of work (De-Baathification?)

Either these people are stupid beyond human comprehension or they genuinely don't care about nothing but securing HalliXiBoeMartin contracts.

The real issue is you don't want to pay real money for the resources you consume so you prop up vile dictators that crush the hopes and aspirations of people all over the world. You and your Jewish owners arm and fund both sides in conflicts all over the place and sponsor terrorism (Jundallah just for a start) and then slink in afterwards with some propped up warlord and loot the resources under the bodies of the dead. You are damned already like the dinosaurs in Land that Time Forgot with a bullet in your spinal column and a body too stupid to know it's already dead.

Comment Re:I Don't See the Connection Here (Score -1, Troll) 69

What about the dictatorships America supports like the despicable abomination of the Middle East - the House of Saud? You fund the Saudi regime and the Saudis fund Wahhabi madrassas and Wahhabi madrassas churn out angry, horny young boys with no future prospects and a grudge. America funded 9/11 and if you don't believe that you also don't believe that the 200,000 AKs the US government "lost" in Iraq went straight into the hands of "insurgents."

FedGov sets up its own soldiers to be killed because it justifies continued presence in the Middle East. Ask any Iraqi who bombed the Golden Dome and you're gonna hear "CIA" or "Mossad" more often then you hear "terrorists" but the real terrorists are and always have been in the White House. Give Ollie North a goddamn Nobel Peace Prize cuz its's 25 years after 1984

Comment YOU'RE NEXT!! (Score 1, Informative) 69

Sing and dance to the tune of your corporate overlords, suckers. Because you are the next insurgents. The government has said as much, many times, smearing military veterans and Ron Paul voters and people who can name at least two amendments in the Constitution as "terrorists." All these fancy weapons they're testing in Iraq and all these "non-lethal" systems that turn out to be quite lethal exist to make sure you don't demand restitution for the crimes that have been committed against the American people.

The same politicians who don't give a flying fuck about civilian life in Afghanistan and drop cluster bombs on Yemeni children - and they don't care about you either. They are going to suck us dry like the leeches they are and when they can't get any more money out of us they'll come for our blood. And you can all cheer this on like you was Jews celebrating German conquests in North Africa because when they are done with the Middle East you're next on the agenda.

You must all be stupid to think it's a coincidence that every day there's a new story about warrantless wiretapping or cameras everywhere or a new spy satalite like the All Seeing Eye up there in space. The same eye watching you in the celestial spheres is watching you on your dollar bills and your cellphone keeps a record of everywhere you go. But close your eyes and don't believe it, deny deny abort retry. Because there's already a hit list of American citizens and if you think it ends with Anwar al-Awlaki it must be because you were born yesterday cousin.

You don't believe in the New World Order but you better believe the New World Order believes in you. You're an ATM to the people in charge and when you run out of money and sweat and tears you are scheduled for demolition just like an Afghanistani wedding.

Comment eyes closed head down (Score 0) 349

Of course, that this hacker found evidence of non-terrestrial intelligence is the biggest non-story of the century. We should all be discussing extradition treaties and the conditions of US prisons and not anything having to do with NASA coverup of UFOs. I acknowledge that in this case the evidence is a little sketchy, but it fits into the testimonies of hundreds and hundreds of ex-government employees talking about their connection to the UFO enigma. Whether or not aliens exist is obviously the least important story in human history, especially when compared to whether the Mars rovers have found microbe fossils.

If you close your eyes, plug your ears, and yell La la la! loud enough, maybe all the evidence for non-terrestrial intelligence will go away.

Comment impossible (Score 0) 184

Of course, all rational and intelligent people understand that everything which exists has already been discovered. If there really were aliens, there would be some concrete evidence that they exist. Apart from all the evidence, eyewitness testimony, video, statistical probability, and historical record, there is no evidence whatsoever that other sentient beings exist in the universe. Furthermore, it should be apparent that any form of inquiry into this topic is prima facia evidence of insanity. Any experience that you have which does not conform to the general consensus of what does or does not exist should be treated as an abberation and you should immediately see a psychiatrist if it repeats. If, for instance, you drop a 1lb ball and a 5lb ball of the same size and they hit the ground at the same time, please see a physician immediately as everyone knows that heavier things fall faster than lighter things. If you see a rainbow after splitting white light in a prism, this is also an abberant event in your consciousness and should be treated with the utmost concern. Personally I believe aliens exist and have been visiting the Earth for some time, perhaps into the thousands of years. But they aren't exactly physical beings you can poke with a stick. They have an ephemeral quality, able to slide in and out of our perceptual field. There is a certain malleability inherent in their appearances, and I think that Djinn, angels, faeries, aliens, and "gods" are probably all manifestations of the same "species" of non-human intelligence. Like some of the finer effects of quantum physics, they seem to partake of a different form of reality than rocks or cars or asphalt. But of course, such an inquiry should be shouted down as loudly and often as necessary. Any investigation of what is not already known is an insult to the hardworking scientists who already know they know everything.

Comment Re:whom the gods would destroy they first make mad (Score 0, Offtopic) 258

Honestly, I wish I could express to you in words how happy it makes me to get responses like this. There is nothing more fulfilling in the world than the righteous indignation of the prick'd simian. I really, really want to thank you for your concern and interest. No joke - thank you.

As to my musical preferences, I think Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Jedi Mind Tricks, Talib Kweli, and Sniper provide us with a more authentic and more literate example of the anti-conformist message.

Which is why the media companies are already dead. They pander to the least common denominator and that ultimately satisfies nobody. Bland, artificial vanilla, Diet Coke and upper middle class bourgoisie. As the financial crisis gets more entertaining, fewer and fewer people will be interested in the message.

Comment Re:whom the gods would destroy they first make mad (Score 0, Offtopic) 258

Conformists are the murderers of civilizations

Of course, non-conformity in one respect is often a signal that a person will have oppositional-defiant disorder in other locations as well. A person who refuses instruction in school will often be found to be intractable by religious leaders seeking to save their soul. An anti-authoritarian personality will disrupt the just and proper function of society everywhere they go; another example is insisting on a trial even when they know they're guilty. They should all be culled, but the tragic irony is that the intelligence required to maintain our institutions is the same intelligence that naturally grows in opposition to them.

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