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Comment job sites (Score 1) 279

Sadly, I must admit that job sites are a bit of the culprit. News papers generate their income through the classifieds, but most people have recognized that job sites can provide more diverse features, hit a broader group of individuals, etc then newspapers. Also if people place their jobs online, their company becomes advertised and people can click to the company's web page instantly. I respect greatly the importance of newspaper companies in our past. Many times their investigative practices have prevented government problems at all levels. Yes, they do many negative things just for hype, but in the long run of their existence, they have provided an important public service. I hope this public service also manages to be transformed to the internet better. Right now, I see too much about stars and unimportant things, and little on true issues that our country (and others) need to deal with. How many articles really push for the current situation of our country's health? How many people know we are spending 8% of our taxes on interest every year because of our national debt? Sadly, after all of the huge other bills, 8% is most of what is left. Most people don't know this, but they know if Britney had a bad nail day. Sad how poor media coverage can change what people think about. It is very important that quality investigative news reporters remain strong whether through the newspaper or online media.

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