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Comment Re:A distraction (Score 3, Insightful) 400

"free market principles" won't help here. On the contrary, just think of the money that would go into actual health care if the government came in guns-ablaze and forcefully said "no, United Health Care, you can't treat your customers like the deepest turd of a batch of untreated sewer sludge", or "no, big drugmaker, you can't throw millions of dollars on advertising niche products like fucking Restasis all over primetime tv instead of putting the money toward cutting the costs of life-saving meds".

Those are two cases where I'd actually be elated to see the NSA and TSA put into use: snoop on the moneyed fuckers involved and No-Fly 'em as soon as it's clear they want to take anything that resembles a business trip to plan their next splurge.

Comment Re:Intel (Score 1) 91

I'd happily throw money at Intel graphics, once (a) they actually do catch up to the Big Two (they are currently not even anywhere near anything close to something that so much as resembles half their performance or graphical feature set), (b) I can afford them, and (c) they stop considering soldering their new chips to the board, or make more chips with "Windows 8-only" features.

Buying someone's chip is taken by that someone as support for their policies. Those in (c) are two that I hope I never have to support, and I don't want to pay a "competitor" that's just aiming to out-monopolize the monopoly.

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