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Submission + - Google Seeks To Throw Out UK Safari Tracking Suit (

judgecorp writes: In the latest twist to the saga of Google's tracking of Safari users, the giant has asked to have a UK lawsuit dismissed. Google says it is bound by California laws, so plaintiffs will have to come the US and sue there. Law firm Olswang is bringing the suit on behalf of British users whose Safaris browser settings were over-ridden to help Google target ads; it argues that international organisations should respect the laws that apply where their customers live.

Submission + - 60 Minutes interviews the NSA ( 7

An anonymous reader writes: The following is a script from "Inside the NSA" which aired on Dec. 15, 2013. John Miller is the correspondent. Ira Rosen and Gabrielle Schonder, producers.

No U.S. intelligence agency has ever been under the kind of pressure being faced by the National Security Agency after details of some of its most secret programs were leaked by contractor Edward Snowden. Perhaps because of that pressure the agency gave 60 Minutes unprecedented access to NSA headquarters where we were able to speak to employees who have never spoken publicly before. (click link for transcript)


Former Google Lawyer Michelle Lee To Run US Patent Office 91

First time accepted submitter Tigger's Pet writes "The BBC report that 'Google's former top patent lawyer has been put in charge of America's patent and trademark office (USPTO). Michelle Lee was made deputy director of the USPTO this week and will run the agency while it seeks a new boss. Ms Lee joined the patent office after leaving Google in June 2012 but said the opinions of her former employer would not guide her work.' Maybe she will use her knowledge from some of the insanity she has seen to actually tackle the current situation of patents, patent-trolling and lawsuits, so that companies can concentrate on true development which benefits all their users, not just the lawyers."

Comment Re:Boston PD (Score 1) 110

Among other things, the data dump (which was not quite as thoroughly scrubbed as the police department had intended it to be) showed that a stolen motorcycle was detected by the cameras 59 times and red-flagged, but evidently no action was taken to recover it.

I hope this isn't what they mean if they call the police there "Boston Strong".

Comment Re:Ubuntu Linux (Score 3, Interesting) 208

If you've been to the front pages of their website lately you'd notice an almost-complete lack of "Linux" now. I'm not sure how much the real reason for that is "trying not to break some arcane legal or Linux Mark Institute rules", or how much it's "awful covert marketing campaign for yet-unnamed replacement kernel".

Clearly they don't want to be associated with Linux...or, given their recent demeanor, most anyone.

Comment Re:Is there a snowball's chance this would work? (Score 1) 292

Big bankers don't get jail time or substantial fines for perjury or other criminal acts here, so yes. There's a snowball's chance, and enough additional snowballs where that came from that Hell will be inhabitable.

Grab your bitcoin wallet, your lawyer, and your ass. When an already powerful bank goes patent troll you may well need them all and in that order.

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