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Comment Re:Better on Paper, Worse In Reality (Score 1) 141

Yeah. Google is breaking the internet, selling off its users, and generally being a Facebook parody, and YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim had something (however brief) to say about it. It's a case study in why selling off your internet startup that happens to fulfill your life dreams and customer needs should be a worst-case scenario, not a bloody business model.

Submission + - The NSA Is Looking For A Few Good Geeks ( 1

itwbennett writes: Dan Tynan noticed something curious when he was reading a TechCrunch story (about Google's mystery barges, as it happens). There was a banner ad promoting careers at the NSA — and this was no ad-serving network fluke. Tynan visited the TechCrunch site on 3 different machines, and saw an NSA ad every time. In one version of the ad, a male voice says, 'There are activities that I've worked on that make, you know, front page headlines. And I can say, I know all about that, I had a hand in that. The things that happen here at NSA really have national and world ramifications.' If this sounds like the job for you, pop on over to TechCrunch the spooks are waiting.

Submission + - Canonical Sends legal notice to EFF staffer who criticizes Privacy of Ubuntu

Submission + - AOL: Screw our Creative Commons Licensing, we will sue for using our data! ( 1

realized writes: AOL has licensed its CrunchBase data under a free Creative Commons license. But once a startup decided to use the CrunchBase AOL threatened to sue them. Startup "Pro Populi" launched apps for apps for Google Glass and the iPhone that uses the CrunchBase database in its entirety. CrunchBase database has been published continuously under the Creative Commons CC-BY attribution license, which permits any use.

However, AOL seems to be upset that people are using their data. Quoted letter from AOL lawyers to the startup:

On the chance that you may have misinterpreted Matt’s willingness to discuss the matter with you last week, and our reference to this as a ‘request,’ let me make clear, in more formal language, that we demand that People+ immediately cease and desist from its current violation and infringement of AOL’s/TechCrunch’s proprietary rights and other rights to CrunchBase, by removing the CrunchBase content from your People+ product and by ceasing any other use of CrunchBase-provided content

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is representing the startup, sent AOL a letter Monday saying “People+ has the right to continue using the material that People+ has gathered to date.

Comment Thank you for your patience. (Score 1) 1

Thank you for your patience. At at&t(R), our time-honored commitment(tm) to the nation's largest 4G network means we are also committed(tm) to your contracts. For you, it appears, your contract seems to feel unending and unsatisfying; that is because we work with the C.I.A. to make your contract experience as unending, unsatisfying, and unprivate as possible. Thanks to their crack team of crack spies and crack dealers, we make 10MUSD more a year, and we are pleased to announce here (and on Facebook and Twitter) that you get none of it.

As for your bad service, we are also pleased to announce (near the 1st anniversary of our 2013 Nation's Largest 4G Network Improvements Fee announcement) that our upcoming 2014 Nation's Largest 4G Network Improvements Fee (which you agreed to in your contract of course) will be charged on schedule, and double again the prior fee. This should help improve the nation's largest 4G network roughly not at all, according to a joint and totally unbiased analysis by Forrester and Gartner.

Once again, thank you for choosing at&t(R), now sponsored by the nation's corruptest intelligence group. We hope to hear from you again, preferably by listening in to you when you're telling your mom where you'll drive next.

Submission + - Google Is Testing A Program That Tracks You Everywhere You Go (

cold fjord writes: Business Insider reports, "Google is beta-testing a program that tracks users’ purchasing habits by registering brick-and-mortar store visits via smartphones, according to a report from Digiday. Google can access user data via Android apps or their Apple iOS apps, like Google search, Gmail, Chrome, or Google Maps. If a customer is using these apps while he shops or has them still running in the background, Google’s new program pinpoints the origin of the user data and determines if the customer is in a place of business. Google gets permission to do this kind of tracking when ... users opt in to the “location services” ... The program was hinted at in an AdWords blog post from Oct. 1 regarding Google’s new “estimated total conversions” initiative. A “conversion” in this sense is a purchase, and Google is developing ways to track users across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Google also mentioned that tracking conversions via phone calls is in the works ..."

Comment Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 116

Bad as the NSA are, I don't want to blame them for everything bad in this world; but Snowden-based news stories have clearly shown that they use their broad power not just to spy for the military but to maintain US economic advantage, and I would not be shocked at all if the EU was given a warm and courteous* NSL or similar nastygram to scare them into both being soft on US-based Google and giving them a de facto speedy but non-public trial.

The proposed changes to search results seem reasonable to me, but the process that may lead to them really should be open.


Comment Re:What if they *are* right? (Score 1) 173

Indeed the only advertising (if that) I've seen for those batteries (I've also bought 'em) have been comments on...well...Amazon.

But yeah, adders* don't need to track. They were doing just fine with fun jingles in TV show breaks, SHOOT THE MONKEY internet banners, and not taking up so much time that said TV shows had to trim their openers and end-credits to absurdly short lengths...while still having to product-place anyway.

*Just for brevity, but given how their venom has brought even Mozilla to their knees, probably appropriate in other ways.

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