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Comment Re:If they get this reversed, it will shut them do (Score 1) 198

Pretty much, plus those guys (or at least MS and Oracle) have the money and lobbyists to be the law. "Why are you violating this poor company's copyr--oh hi, Microsoft, didn't expect the Christmas suitcase so soon! CASE DISMISSED. /gavel"

The overturn would be a massive win for (at least two of) those four and a(nother) loss for sensible copyright.

Comment Re:Right Conclusion, Wrong Mechanism (Score 1) 118

No, it's even simpler than that. All those strands of "DNA" are actually the myriad blessed semolina spawn of HNA the FSM (Peas Be Upon Him). He is not wrapped around us...He is within us, to help mice (and people) learn and advance from their dark and primitive past!

We are all children of the glorious FSM!

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