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Comment Re:Right Conclusion, Wrong Mechanism (Score 1) 118

No, it's even simpler than that. All those strands of "DNA" are actually the myriad blessed semolina spawn of HNA the FSM (Peas Be Upon Him). He is not wrapped around us...He is within us, to help mice (and people) learn and advance from their dark and primitive past!

We are all children of the glorious FSM!

Comment Re:Google is a pile of shit (Score 1) 255

i.e.: Ask yourself why you want to block all Google hosts and open your mind to a new solution to that same problem. One that while less evident may well be more feasible.

I'm increasingly trying to find reasons not to block. Their G+ tracker icons and toolbar are now all over the place (even saw the toolbar on Liveleak, of all places, at one point). They've extended their Real Name harassment to anyone who logs on to GMail. (They've done it only once for me, for now, as opposed to the every-reload rain of creepy that sent me flying from YouTube, but a day or so before that incident I also had to unblock to even log in. My account was apparently not "upgraded" by that, but least buy me dinner first.)

"Pile of shit"? Not quite, but they're aiming for it and have already reached "damage to the internet".

Comment Re:Told Ya (Score 2) 236

As bunches have already said here, the real issue is not whether the US prosecutes Assange, but whether the US (or any of its territories or non-annexed lackeys) punishes Assange with (or far more likely without) a Speedy And Public Trial.

Also, given that the US clearly has no respect for privacy or whistleblower protection, that statement by DoJ sounds less like a reassurance and much more like a less-than-implicit threat to other journalists. "What happened to Assange could happen to any of you TrueCrypting notepad-hugging on Kimye like the good serfs you are and don't be that guy."

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