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Comment Re:Dumping? (Score 5, Interesting) 391

That will only dignify ARM Restricted Boot. There's no reason to let Microsoft (or Apple and friends) allow some architectures to be useful and others to be outright sealed to their hardware; this will just embolden them to make all PCs jailbreak-required. Best to just not purchase RT, and wait for a real ARM alternative.

Also, Ubuntu. So there's 2 reasons I can't support. Sorry.

Comment Re:I'm surprised (Score 2) 120

It would be just a long-winded WTFPL, if WTFPL had explicit waivers of specific rights and a minimal-license fallback for places that don't have a public domain (or worse, dump rights-waived works into the hands of RIAA-like industry groups).

CC0 is, sadly, necessary for those regions, to properly leave works to the people.

Comment Re:Windows 8.1 also broke the Windows RT jailbreak (Score 1) 608

They marked csrss.exe as a DRM-related "protected process", even though it has nothing to do with DRM.

Don't be silly. Windows is DRM, at least as far as the MS of today is concerned. It was less enforced by software as by its EULA. Now they (wrongly) feel they have the technical prowess and ethical freeplay to make Windows use even more of itself to "protect" itself.

Comment Re:Jews... (Score 1) 491

America gives millions to Muzzie savages in the hope that they will somehow agree to get on, ignore the teachings of Mohammed, and join with non-muslims to form an enlightened democracy. Millions spend defending the "rights" of muzzie murderers.

Or maybe it's just to use the money to make those (and other) countries assume that they'll get it and budget accordingly, and thus keep them dependent and subservient to the money for later bludgeoning.

"Sure you can let that fugitive of ours go...and we can also...uh...accidentally forget our next aid payment. Wouldn't want your kids to starve or anything right? Right? Goooood. Cough'im up."

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