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Yahoo Joins Growing List of Bidders For Hulu 69

An anonymous reader writes "It's reported that Yahoo has formally put in a bid to buy Hulu only a week after adding Tumblr to the family. From the article: 'Yahoo just spent $1.1 billion of its cash hoard to acquire Tumblr, a blogging site with 300 million mostly young-ish visitors and 24 billion minutes of usage per month. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's team can slap a lot of tasteful, personalized native ads into the Tumblr content streams to monetize the fast growing site. It's the same way that Facebook and Twitter hope to get into the tens of billions in revenue league, but it's a long and winding road. Now Yahoo is taking a run at Hulu, with its 4 million subscribers paying $7.99 per month, original programming , and more than 70,000 full TV episodes. Hulu could immediately put Yahoo's video efforts and revenue in a different league.'"

Comment Re:THERE IS NO LIMIT (Score 1) 573

The front cover would say "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" in front of a cute, if anguished, infant.

Really, though, you can't just run a public server, shove a truck of data through it (77 TB, jeez) and not expect the Nickel & Dime Department to show up. Verizon was being ridiculously generous (compared to the other data-miser ISPs lately, anyway), and this was abuse and against the TOS--i.e., Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

Comment Re:Way to go, Dropbox users (Score 1) 185

Truth, all of that, of course.

My favorite part is where everyone here's modding down the wise posts as Trolls. But 'ey, if y'all prefer Facebook 2: +ElectricBoogaloo over federation and XMPP, and ridiculous "abuse" excuses over sensible free software download systems, then I don't have all the time in the world to try to steer the USS Consensus closer to the HMS Sense.

Social Networks

French Police End Missing Persons Searches, Suggest Using Facebook 95

itwbennett writes "According to an announcement on a French government website, police have stopped current searches for missing adults and will not accept new search requests. 'Such 'searches in the interests of the family' were conducted under an administrative procedure almost a century old, introduced to help families separated during the upheavals of World War I to find missing relatives,' according to the French Ministry of the Interior. In a letter to police chiefs announcing the changes, the Ministry advised them to instead 'direct people towards social networks on the Internet, which offer interesting possibilities.'"

Comment Re:Closed protocol? (Score 1) 416

I am just worried that Google is trying to do more to force us to use their tools, rather than allowing us to use our favourite messaging clients., but with their service.

...and just a month after the FSF "commend Google for doing the right thing and respecting the importance of full federation", after they reversed a Jabber invite block they started in March as an "anti-spam" measure. I guess it's now an "anti-privacy" measure, right Google? Or is it an "anti-Facebook" one? Oh, Larry Page...

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