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Comment Re:Intel (Score 1) 91

I'd happily throw money at Intel graphics, once (a) they actually do catch up to the Big Two (they are currently not even anywhere near anything close to something that so much as resembles half their performance or graphical feature set), (b) I can afford them, and (c) they stop considering soldering their new chips to the board, or make more chips with "Windows 8-only" features.

Buying someone's chip is taken by that someone as support for their policies. Those in (c) are two that I hope I never have to support, and I don't want to pay a "competitor" that's just aiming to out-monopolize the monopoly.


DNA Sequence Withheld From New Botulism Paper 182

New submitter rex.clts writes "In the IT security world, it is common practice to withhold specifics when announcing a newly discovered software vulnerability. The exact details regarding a buffer overflow or race condition are typically kept secret until a patch is available, to slow the proliferation of exploits against the hole. For the first time, this practice has been extended to medical publishing. A new form of Botulism has been identified, but its DNA sequence (the genetic code that makes up the toxin) has been withheld, until an antidote has been found. It seems that censorship in the name of "security" is spreading (with DHS involved this comes as no surprise.) Is this the right move?"

Comment Re:Attack? (Score 1) 136

When I deleted the YouTube account (that I had linked to my non-tainted Google Account long before), it was partly because reloading the page didn't stop the Real Name harassment. Whether this was because cookies didn't save, or whether Google has changed this in the months since, doesn't really matter to me anymore. They wanted my business and didn't want my trust, and now have neither my trust nor my YouTube account.

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