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Comment Crop circle (Score 1) 128

I definitely thought the crop circle was manmade, given the design and the reports that said a group of people were in the area. I thought it was more an independent attention-whore art-prank, though; nor did bells go off in my mind that the Braille "192" meant a 192 core processor either (though it obviously was a processor or circuit board by appearance).

GNU is Not Unix

Emacs Needs To Move To GitHub, Says ESR 252

hypnosec writes "Eric S. Raymond, co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, has recommended that Emacs should move to another version control system like GitHub, as bzr is dying. In an email, Raymond highlighted the key reasons why he believes that Emacs should move. Raymond said that bzr is moribund; its dev list has flatlined; and most of Canonical's in-house projects have already abandoned bzr and moved to GitHub. ESR believes that bzr's codebase is sufficiently mature to be used as a production tool, but he does mention that continuing to use the revision control system will have 'social and signaling effects damaging to Emacs's prospects.'" Update: 01/06 20:50 GMT by U L : ESR did not suggest Github the proprietary hosting platform for git, but rather git the version control system. Which is actually already available on Savannah (the bazaar repository is automatically synced with the git repository).

Comment Re:so (Score 3, Insightful) 114

Well it is an Antarctic "fucking hut", so I imagine they'd prioritized that just a bit under "maintain climate observation equipment", "take new pictures", "inquire about those sparse supply shipments", and "avoid freezing ass off".

They've improved at all of 'em, but bad things still happen, so forgive them for not heading over to fetch some (historically important) photos hastily enough. There are reasons Scott ended up in that hut. :)

Submission + - Valve's Steam removes its first game ( 1

tlhIngan writes: Today marks the first day that Valve has removed a game completely off its service. Order of War: Challenge has been not only removed from the service, but it is the first to be removed completely from a user's library as well. Previously, when a game was removed from Steam, it was just removed — as long as a local copy exists in your library, you could always play it, back it up, reactivate it, etc, (similar to Apple's iTunes and App Store — it may be gone, but as long as a copy exists, it'll work). Now it appears that Valve has actually gone the next step alongside Amazon and Google and removed games from a library.

Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Informative) 341

FiOS user here, and indeed they do not know.

When they brought and installed the router, they pointed out the password label, and I asked if the password could be changed, and they said yes. Sure enough, I changed it when they left, and changed the WEP to WPA2 as well via the router's "web" interface. The result is probably not secure (NSA aside), but GP and GGP are still worthy of Rep. Joe Wilson's attention.

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