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Comment Re:"The only problem? It's GMO." (Score 1) 400

It also doesn't stop some rival from producing a crop with equivalent properties expressed through some other means.

...and there's the problem. By enabling Monsanto to patent life, you encourage others to do so. Even if Monsanto only used its patent in some copyleft sort of way, you'd have some even greater asshole or two or 37 who decide that once a nice breeze brings some of their pollen into your crops, you've become a dirty floppy-copying "IP" thief ripe to bend over de jure.

At least your orifices will be Roundup Ready(tm) once they're done.

Comment Re:Real names? (Score 1) 582

One of the draws to these revenue generating sites is being able to comment. I suspect that when push comes to shove, many anonymous commenters won't bother to comment any more, nor visit the site and read the articles. This will affect the HP's bottom line.

...unless, of course, the big guns of the social-marketing complex are making up for that lost revenue.

"Hey, mind if we throw ya a bit o'greens here and there? Oh, you're very welcome, we just need to see those names of yours so our real customers can use them as, y'know...volunteer endorsements for TV commercials. 'Organic' advertising, y'know, totally not fake or unsolicited or tracked down by the government. The *nudge* 'viral' web. *wink*"

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