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Comment Re:Yahoo's still around? (Score 1) 524

3. When I went to the new Yahoo page, I immediately thought, "Oh, shit, how'd I wind up on Facebook?"

Because Yahoo and Facebook had patent-fight sex and are now friends with benefits.* Hope you like your email, news, and flickr with extra Like buttons.

*When you say things like "We are excited to develop a deeper partnership with Facebook", it's hard for me to call you anything less.

Comment Re:so much for DIY projects (Score 1) 144

Maybe that's the idea. Can't add "must be currently employed" to the listing? Just get people with money and social accounts instead.

Bonus: if they've already paid so much for the glasses, they won't just turn back and say no when asked for their Twitter/G+ password. Instant PR control!

Comment Re:Blablabla (Score 3, Insightful) 134

That, to be clear, is because (like the last Obama-Google+ copout that I remember hearing of (and seeing, in that case)) this is a mutual promotional vehicle for the President and Google's social network.

If it were an actual exercise in journalism or even executive-branch outreach, there'd be more tough questions from the people, more focused answers from POTUS, and less "Look at us, we're YouTube and this is a Google+ hangout! GOOGLE PLUS!!!"-ness. It's grand puffery all around, even by propaganda standards.

Perhaps that was the only way Obama and Larry Page would let YouTube get the former to say anything, but I suspect that I didn't miss much when I missed this.


Submission + - Facebook can keep real name policy, German court rules (

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook can stick with its real name policy in Germany, and doesn't have to allow nicknames on its platform for now. The regulator that ordered Facebook to change it policy based its orders on inapplicable German law, a German court ruled.

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