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Comment Re:LastPass (Score 1) 445

Or 1Password. You can use an iPhone or Android phone. The data is encrypted. Yes, the NSA can probably get to it, no they probably wont bother. Should be adequate for most users. If you lose the phone and you're worried about somebody breaking the encryption you can log into DropBox (or whoever you have the file stored with) and delete it or just change the password from another device.

Not perfect, but pretty damned good and a hell of a lot more user friendly than some of the Totally Paranoid suggestions around here.

  If you need security beyond this level, you should hone up on your ninja skills, get a bodyguard and not sleep in the same bed twice.

Comment Still no good water processing plant (Score 2) 157

TEPCO still doesn't have adequate water-processing capacity Fukushima. They installed three units of the "advanced liquid processing system" (which is basically a big ion-exchange resin water purifier) in 2012, and they are still not working reliably. Failures are occuring for dumb reasons: "TEPCO officials believe the cause of that problem was due to a failure to remove a rubber pad from the tank, leading to a blockage in the system." On another occasion, they had to shut down because a crane failed.

Toshiba has overall charge of the project. Why a major Japanese company is having so much trouble with routine industrial tasks is not clear. As a result of all these processing problems, Fukushima has far too much contaminated water in temporary storage.

The process won't remove tritium, but that, at least, has a decay life of only 12 years, and it's not concentrated by biological processes like strontium and cesium, so dumping tritum-contaminated water isn't too bad.)

Comment Offer spam (Score 2) 421

"You have been selected to receive our exclusive offer! For only $1500...!"

It's a commercial product. Soon (maybe already) anyone with the money will be able to buy one. Probably for less money.

If you want a Google Glass invite code, there are plenty of them on eBay, all with 0 bids. $8.99 or best offer is the going rate for Buy It Now.

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