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Comment Offer spam (Score 2) 421

"You have been selected to receive our exclusive offer! For only $1500...!"

It's a commercial product. Soon (maybe already) anyone with the money will be able to buy one. Probably for less money.

If you want a Google Glass invite code, there are plenty of them on eBay, all with 0 bids. $8.99 or best offer is the going rate for Buy It Now.

Comment Google has a two-tier stock scheme (Score 1) 712

Google has two kinds of stock, A shares and B shares. A shares get one vote. B shares get 10 votes. The founders have all the B shares. Facebook has a similar setup.

The NYSE used to prohibit multiple kinds of stock for listed stocks, back when the NYSE had more clout. (The exception was Ford, which was grandfathered in. Ford has a two-tier stock scheme that has kept the Ford family in control for a century. That's why Ford didn't go bankrupt when GM and Chrysler did. A bankrupcy would erase that deal.) But the NYSE caved a few years ago. Now it's common with tech issuers.

Comment Re:Panono? (Score 1) 58

Or Google Maps. This has been done a number of times. The 'interesting' spin here is that it is hooked to a Formula One car and they have rigged the streams to allow multiple people to 'point' the camera. And of course, an iOS app. Gotta have one of them.

Comment Re:32,000 years? (Score 2) 235

So I'll admit my knowledge of the Cretaceous asteroid impact is the simplified version of public education combined with the History Channel. 32,000 years though? I thought it would have been a matter of decades, because the particulate matter thrown in the atmosphere reduced the incoming sunlight, which essentially reduced plant life substantially and having a cascading effect up the food chain. I would imagine that would take a couple of years to decades, but not millenia; what am I missing?

One question the TFA doesn't address is exactly what is meant by impact times. Certainly it's not the case that the event occurred one day and 32000 years later, everything is hunky dory. The volcanism events happened over hundreds to thousands of years, the asteroid impact, a couple of seconds. In the vulcanism scenario, I imagine that things changed pretty gradually, there may have been a 'tipping point' or several. In the impact scenario, the changes happen relatively rapidly with likely a long tail into the new normal.

So I would take the durations with a grain of salt and think more along the lines of geologic time frames. 32K years is just a sneeze. The Anthropocene so far is only 6000 years duration at maximum, likely the most change has occurred in the last 500 years. Not even a blip in the geologic time frame. It may be that several million years from now, the only evidence of Homo industrialis will be a thin layer of concentrated metal and assorted complex compounds sitting in some deep strata.

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