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Comment Re:Ooooh, pointy jabs at OSs (Score 1) 226

but each studio requires a small army of linux gurus to patch and modify the OS and kernel just to keep the OS from constantly falling over.

But isn't this because the installations are largely custom? Different studios seem to run different toolchains, have their 'special sauce' application that somebody wrote and, of course, have to deal with hundreds of different hardware configurations and even more wetware configurations. It's not like everyone is just installing Creative Suite (as much as Adobe would like that to happen) and letting it go at that.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 4, Insightful) 400

Carbon taxes will do nothing in the face of exponential population growth. When it starts getting too expensive, the politicians will begin handing out "exemptions", you know, for the really poor, for the children, etc. And at the end of the day you'll be back to square one, only worse since you will not have addressed the real problem. If there were only 1 billion people in the world we would not even be having the discussion of whether or not our lifestyle impacts the environment significantly. Keep adding more people and it takes less effort for any individual to cause lasting harm. At one point merely existing, without actually consuming or being reckless, will cause harm. And then we're all fucked. But people are blind, blind blind. And they keep shitting out babies like it was their god-appointed duty or something. Oh wait...

Comment Re:already have electronic token currency (Score 1) 121

There is no one who can freeze your account. There is no one who can set limits on your account. There is no one who can control who you can send money to. There is no one who can turn up the mint rate and destabilize the market.

If only that were true. Ask the users with thousands of dollars stuck in Mt. Gox, or worse, one of the "exchange" or "online wallet" companies that went bust. Sure, you can ship Bitcoins around, but there are serious liquidity problems doing anything with them.

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