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Comment Re:Real War (Score 2) 253

You are confusing current drones with completely autonomous drones - which don't yet exist.

Yes, you have to train the drone pilots. Just because they can play an FPS in their sleep doesn't get them away from practicing.

One day we MIGHT have autonomous air superiority drones - right now we don't have them. Ergo, we can't replace the manned air superiority fighters just yet.

Can we do that eventually and cheaper than the F-35? More than likely. Can we create air superiority fighters that are 90% as effective as the F-35 and 30% of the price tomorrow? Sure we can.

Comment Re:Ah yes, government control of health care (Score 2) 490

Not exactly. It's not like people with heart and lung disease just keel over at age 55. They usually have a long, slow decline in health that is punctuated by expensive visits to some aspect of the healthcare system or other. And why pick on heart and lung disease? That's what MOST smokers die from. Lung cancer, although way more common in smokers than non smokers isn't what gets most puffers. And even lung cancer isn't a rapid roll off the carpet. Chemotherapy, surgery and supportive care still is pretty expensive.

So, no, sorry. Giving everyone a couple of packs of cigs per day isn't going to decrease health care expenses.

Please try again.

Comment Re:1 2 3 4 I declare flame war (Score 1) 976

Given how many rounds are expended and how many people are involved, you could probably make a point that a rifle range is one of the safest places to be. No human endeavor is entirely safe. Hell, I spent this weekend pulling fish hooks out of various aspects of peoples anatomy and I've flown people to Seattle with fish hooks embedded in the eye.

Careful out there, something is liable to get you.

Comment Re:Windows 8.1 also broke the Windows RT jailbreak (Score 1) 608

They marked csrss.exe as a DRM-related "protected process", even though it has nothing to do with DRM.

Don't be silly. Windows is DRM, at least as far as the MS of today is concerned. It was less enforced by software as by its EULA. Now they (wrongly) feel they have the technical prowess and ethical freeplay to make Windows use even more of itself to "protect" itself.

Comment Re:Jews... (Score 1) 491

America gives millions to Muzzie savages in the hope that they will somehow agree to get on, ignore the teachings of Mohammed, and join with non-muslims to form an enlightened democracy. Millions spend defending the "rights" of muzzie murderers.

Or maybe it's just to use the money to make those (and other) countries assume that they'll get it and budget accordingly, and thus keep them dependent and subservient to the money for later bludgeoning.

"Sure you can let that fugitive of ours go...and we can also...uh...accidentally forget our next aid payment. Wouldn't want your kids to starve or anything right? Right? Goooood. Cough'im up."

Comment Re:No shit (Score 5, Insightful) 491

There is less proof of god's existence. I don't see him chasing around people who say stuff about him. The US government, on the other hand, seems to be extremely eager to get their hands on him and shut him up. That in itself is an implied admission of guilt, or they'd write him off as a crackpot just like all the other crackpots. When did you see a 9/11 truther get their passport revoked, get stuck in a foreign country's airport, and have presidential planes diverted just because of the possibility he could be on board? Never. Because those are real crackpots. But Snowden is dangerous to the government. That's proof enough.

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