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Comment Re:Monsanto takes .. (Score 1) 419

The farmers knew it was Monsanto "tainted" because they sprayed the crop with glyphosate. That makes no sense whatsoever unless they knew it was GMO.

I didn't say they were ignorant. I said they did not sign a contract with monsanto nor did the grain elevator they purchased them from advertise them as monsanto seeds. In other words there was no conspiracy.

Comment Re:Video is mostly factually correct (Score 1) 188

I have provided you a link with a thorough analysis of the positions for and against 9:5.

No, you don't get to just link to so some random website and say "that is my argument." You want to cite proof for your claims about 9:5, that's fine. But until you make a straight-forward testable claim, then there is nothing to debate.

Put all your cards on the table and we duke it out right here.

Now for all your talk you still have not a single skerrick of counter evidence

Because you have not held up your side of the deal yet.

Answer the question - why is 9:5 evil? Not what evil things did Mohamed do, not what evil things did Osama do, not what evil things are in some other verse or some other hadith. Stay focused and make a specific point.

You are free to give up and walk away if you are unable to fulfill the requirements of the deal.

Comment Re:Monsanto takes .. (Score 5, Informative) 419

When farmers purchase Monsanto seeds, they sign a contract and agree, in writing, not to save seed.

No, when farmers purchase Monsanto seeds from MONSANTO they sign a contract like that. This case has nothing to do with that scenario.

This guy bought seed from the local grain elevator - seed that was sold on the open market without Monsanto's involvement and no advertising that the seed was monsanto tainted seed. He had no contract with Monsanto for those seeds or any of their precursors.

Comment Re:Video is mostly factually correct (Score 1) 188

No, why you consider it not evil?

The terms of the deal are you pick a verse that you think is indisputably evil. Claiming that something that so many people argue over is self-evident is ridiculous.

If you can't articulate why it is evil, then you can't complain when nobody pays you heed. If you aren't all about hate, then you sure need to be about the persuasion.

Comment Re:It's like a high speed arms race (Score 1) 32

A logical way to fix the vulnerability is to have more sophisticated detection at the border gateways into your private network.

That sort of functionality has seemed like a no-brainer to me for about a decade. I desperately want something that runs on my home router that monitors all connections, in and out, with both real-time in a user-friendly interface (not just a eyeball destroying table of ip addresses and port numbers but some sort of graphical summary) and generates reports on a hourly/daily/weekly basis. It should also incorporate a nice high-level way to kill off some behaviours - don't make me manually write a bunch of iptables rules for each case.

So far everything I've seen that comes close in either native firmware or any of the DD-WRT variants is still terribly painful to use, if it is functional at all.

Comment Re:So he is not using the UN, just the UN (Score 1) 232

Being set up by the DOC and being private are unrelated concepts, and in the case of ICANN, both are true.

Being a private organization does not exclude it from working on behalf of government. ICANN was created by the Dept of Commerce and continues to perform its work under contract to the Dept of Commerce. making it effectively just another part of the US Government.

Comment Re:Video is mostly factually correct (Score 1) 188

Would you quit with the blather and just make your point? This is like pulling teeth.

At least now you've actually cited a single verse. But so what if it is the justification for "jihad" (and especially "cultural jihad" when you claim to have no problem with "cultural muslims"). Be specific as to what you think verse 9:5 means that is evil because I sure as shit am not going to argue with on multiple points - you don't get to cite 9:5 and when you lose that one weasel about the definition of jihad.

Why is 9:5 evil?

Comment Re:Well, it was a nice run (Score 5, Informative) 813

Rest in peace, oh great America. You had a nice run leading the world in science and technology.

Pretty soon now you will be just another religious state, just like the ones you are fighting right now, but with a different religion.

That is not true.

One-in-Five Adults and One-in-Three Under Age 30 Have No Religious Affiliation. This kind of stuff are the death-throes of religious conservatism. As the more normal people leave formalized religion, the crazies are left behind. Without a moderating influence, they get even crazier than before.

Comment Re:Yes, it is (Score 1) 6

Most cases all the user wants from a progress bar is an indication that progress is being made. The trick is to make sure that it really does indicate progress and isn't something like an hourglass cursor that just runs on a timer independent of work happening in the background - e.g. if the network is hung the progress indicator better hang too.

Comment Re:Video is mostly factually correct (Score 1) 188

Because it is evil! you haven't even read the Qur'an and hadiths.

No YOU haven't read them. About 6-7 years whenever a nutbag like you showed up on slashdot I engaged. I read the links they posted and then I went and googled on my own. Every single time there was more to the story. Evil people like you selectively quote and deliberartely ignore contradicting evidence.

I applied thorough research and critical thinking and none of your fellow dhimmi-wannabes' claims could stand up to that. NONE. How do you think I know what a dhimmi is suppossed to be? This ain't my first rodeo. But after a year of seeing nothing but idiocy from guys like you, I learned my lesson - you are all just idiots.

Look, I'll make you a deal. You pick ONE verse from the Quran that you think proves the absolute evil of Islam. Something that you think is indisputable. If I can't tear it down, I'll concede - the mooslims really are evil. But if I am able to show that there is more to the story, that the verse has context that you are ignoring, or that you've picked a misleading translation, something like that then you shut the fuck up about islam forever. Deal?


Submission + - Is Your Employer Giving Your Salary Information to Debt Collectors? (

Jah-Wren Ryel writes: If you work in the USA, there is a good chance Equifax has been selling your salary information. As part of a credit reporting sevice that covers at least 30% of the working American public, employers have been handing over all of their payroll data to Equifax since at least 2009. Most companies have a policy against employees sharing salary info among themselves, but apparently it is just fine for them to give it to strangers looking for dirt on you.

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