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Comment Re:Business doesn’t necessarily create jobs (Score 1) 706


There is no demand for products which do not exist. Demand does not exist until the product does.

How much demand was there for an iphone before the iphone existed? Zero.

How many jobs as Apple created to make the iphone? Eleventybillion. Mostly in China, but that is besides the point.

Comment Re:Old tech (Score 3) 109

You can't "base jump" out of the ISS unless you have a portable jetpack capable of decelerating you to deorbit. You need a delta-V of around 225 ft/s. If you step outside the ISS, all that will happen is that you will continue orbit the Earth with the ISS. You would starve to death before deorbiting solely due to atmospheric friction.

Comment Re:The case (Score 1) 543

One interesting tit bit was that, when I came to USA as a student with F-1 Visa, I was scared by the EEE books I was bringing in. I used some 75% of my baggage allowance with books. I knew how serious copyright law was in USA. I knew my books are cheaper in India. I was worried the immigration officer would reject my visa and send me back! Seriously. I was worried about everything from the turmeric powder in my hand baggage to the loose staple on the sealed I-20 form issued by the university attached to my passport!

Welcome to America, the land of freedom! ._.

Comment Re:Might be incentive to buy American? (Score 1) 543

The conservative side produced citizen united which basically lets corporation give unlimited money to political speech.

No. Citizens United case lets people, including groups of people organized into organizations such as corporations or unions, SPEND unlimited money on political speech. In other words, you are now allowed to not only spend a little money on cheap leaflets, but you may spend large amounts of money for example publishing a book or making a TV show. Before Citizens United case, you COULD NOT PUBLISH A BOOK, OR MAKE A TV SHOW that was considered by the court to be political in nature, before an election.

Let me repeat. Citizens United had NOTHING to do with GIVING money to politicians. Citizens United was about spending money on speech.

Comment Re:this isn't Hollywood (Score 4, Informative) 181

Dose from an unshielded spent fuel bundle (or research reactor) is far greater than other typical sources - on the order of 50,000 to 1,000,000 R/hr. These kinds of doses can be instantly fatal. An HP tech explained to me once that if you placed a spent fuel bundle on a football field, and ran towards it as fast as you could, you would drop dead before you could touch it. If you swam to the bottom of a research reactor to try to touch the fuel you would most certainly become incapacitated by the time you got close enough to touch it.

Comment Re:I wouldn't. (Score 2) 429

This is a common misconception. Nuclear plants are not "designed to last 40 years". They have no designed lifespan. They are designed to last as long as possible given other safety requirements. The reason why they were licensed for 40 years is because the NRC (AEC at the time) figured that was the least amount of time the plant should be able to run without requiring a major overhaul. At the time, no one knew how long they would really last without requiring such expensive overhauls as to make it not financially worth it to maintain.

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