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Comment Re:Great Deal (Score 2) 308

It doesn't cost 25k to build a relatively good personal cinema, you can do it for less than 5k and still have a better experience than most local mutiplexes. Since building my cinema (2.8m screen, HD projector, top end amp, loads of speakers) I've found that I much prefer watching movies at home. In fact as the sound is optimised for where I sit. the audio experience is vastly superior.

Gatting back on topic - I wonder how scalable this subscription model is? surely if there's only says 400 seats, and i'm the 401th subscriber, I'd really pissed off if I couldn't get a set for a first night showing of a new blockbauster - how are they intending to manage that? If the demand was high then I guess a waiting list of sorts like a members only type club - but then people would be expecting a bit more than just access to the movie (proper bar area, food etc.).


Comment Re:Linux From Scratch (Score 2) 185

I have had Linux From Scratch bookmarked for a couple of years now. Sadly I can never find the time to actually do it. In a world where every boy and his dog thinks that Linux starts and ends with Unbuntu, I feel if I want to know Linux, I have to start with rolling my own kernel and then building from there.

Most younglings wouldn't get it; they just want Stuff To Work, Right Now. Who do they think creates this Stuff in the first place?!

I'm also hindered by the fact that I am Windows Guru. No, a real one. I _know_ Windows, right now to the nuts and bolts like decompiling DLLs to work out why they crash. I'm a rare breed in that arena too, in fact the desktop Linux fanboi's are now all starting to sound a lot like the idiot 20-something 'Windows Admins' with spiky hair and loud suits that I have to suffer. :(

Grumble, Grumble, I'm back off to my cave.


Comment Re:Windows 7 compatibility mode (Score 1) 313

Heads up though.... it's gone in Windows 8 (of course) - it's been replaced by Client Hyper V. Yes, a cut down Hyper-V service for running XP (or whatever) as a VM. Plus you also lose that nice seamless windows thing it could do.

Me, I just installed VirtualBox. It's the best VM software out there. And it's free.


Comment Re:2560x1600 should be good for anyone! (Score 2) 661

Dark Knight (& Rises) change aspect ratios on blu-ray because the original versions had sections optimised for IMAX format. That said, you still lost vertical image info as full IMAX ratio is 4:3 - I recall seeing The Dark Knight at the London IMAX and the full 4:3 ratio was used, I've not seen Rises yet but it looks like it only shifts between 21:9 and 16:9 as newer IMAXs don't go 4:3.

Comment Re:2560x1600 should be good for anyone! (Score 3, Interesting) 661

This is why I love my Dell 2408WFP - it's getting on a bit now, and the color management isn't as good as it should be (but I have a Huey for that), but it's 16:10 with a resolution of 1920x1200 - absolutely wonderful. I never maximise anything, and mostly have several cascaded portrait shaped windows displayed across it.

Back to topic. I think what Linus actually means is that he wants a higher resolution so that there are no jaggies on fonts, and scrollbars and widgets look sharper. The actual perceived font size (in inches etc.) would be the same - so all these comments about tiny fonts, and 8 way code diffs, are completely missing the point.

Think of it this way, you watch the same movie on a 720p screen, and then on a 1080p screen - do you see more of the movie picture on the latter? No. It's just _sharper_.


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