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Comment I'd rather capacity (Score 1) 197

I'd like an iPod Touch, I really would. However, but 80GB iPod 5.5G can hold a metric fuckload more data than any of the iTouches available, so I'm sticking with it.
Why bother with a 9" screen when you can only have a handful of movies & TV shows that can take full advantage of it?

Wake me up when they put hard drives in iTouches.

Comment Re:Vista reserves 1 GB (Score 1) 983

I think he might actually be referring to Vista's... interesting tendency to allocate ~33-50% of your physical memory upon boot.
I have 6GB installed in my machine, and it's currently using 2.25GB to run Firefox with a handful of tabs, VLC, Windows Explorer, Winamp, and the Sidebar. God only knows how it uses that much to do so little, but I'm not fussed - it's not as if RAM is expensive these days.

An interesting note though - I worked out a while ago that these days, you pay more per chip in a packet of potato chips than you do per megabyte of RAM. Go figure.

Submission + - DARPA developing defensive plasma shield

galactic_grub writes: According to this article at New Scientist, DARPA is developing a plasma shield that would allow troops to stun and disorientate enemies. The system will use a technology known as dynamic pulse detonation (DPD), which involves producing a ball of plasma with an intense laser pulse creates, and then a supersonic shockwave within the plasma using another pulse. The result is a gigantic flash and a loud bang in a the air.
Linux Business

Submission + - Qantas ditches Linux for AIX

pixelised writes: ZDnet Australia reports that Qantas will next month shift the underlying platform running its internal finance systems from Linux to IBM's Unix variant AIX as part of its wide-ranging eQ transformation project.

"We're moving from a Linux platform to an IBM AIX environment — we did that to address some stability issues we were having," said Suzanne Young, Qantas group general manager for finance improvement and segmentation. The decision was made last year, as part of the planning for the rollout.
The Courts

Submission + - Jack Thompson's Kotaku Suit Thrown Out

GamePolitics writes: "GamePolitics has the news that a federal judge in Florida has thrown out Jack Thompson's suit against Kotaku over a procedural issue. Thompson failed to follow the proper rules in amending his complaint. Thompson admits in a court filing that he screwed up but vows to re-file the case and may even add other game websites. -suit-goes-bye-bye-over-thompson-screw-up/"

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