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Comment Re:They still dont get it (Score 1) 237

If being "professional" means presenting a false, colorless, expressionless version of yourself rather than behaving like you would with friends and family without the need to present an artificial image I think the Linux developers are better off.

People really need to get over their silly aversion to so called "obscene" words and gestures. They are just words and gestures. They aren't going to hurt anyone. We would all be better off if the entire world were bombarded with and thereby desensitized to this stuff.

I see you missed the sarcasm, but such as it is.

There is middle ground between a false, colourless, expressionless version of yourself and telling someone to fuck off. That's the target ground you (and the business you represent) aim for. Your strawman argument suggests that the alternative to telling a company to fuck off is to be an expressionless drone.

Comment Re:They still dont get it (Score 1) 237

Well, they're certainly being encouraged to work with Linux by being told "fuck you" by its most important developer. I can see why they didn't sweat it by reducing a feature in the Linux driver to spare Microsoft's blushes. I expect they've never been told to fuck off by Microsoft.

I think you are being unfair to assume nvidia product managers are such petulant tantrum-throwing prima donnas that they'll retaliate against their users because a project's leader prefixed constructive criticism with a rant nvidia pm's might find tactless. I see no evidence of that.

If that kind of behaviour is the norm in your company, or considered "an understandable human reaction" or something, I suggest it might be practical to demand that your coworkers grow the fuck up if they expect to be taken seriously.

I'm sorry, I thought the sarcasm was plainly evident in my post. I guess not.

Comment Re:They still dont get it (Score 1) 237

Nvidia still dosent get it.. Reminds me of now famous Torvalds quote from video where he send hes regards to Nvidia..

What doesn't it get that the quote from Linus reminds you of? That Linux developers are unprofessional? I think it gets that very well.

Nvidia still doesn't get that removing a feature, from the linux driver, to level it with the one for an inferior product is a big "f_ck you" to their linux costumers.

If that is being professional I think that calling " Linux developers are unprofessional" is praising them.

Well, they're certainly being encouraged to work with Linux by being told "fuck you" by its most important developer. I can see why they didn't sweat it by reducing a feature in the Linux driver to spare Microsoft's blushes. I expect they've never been told to fuck off by Microsoft.

Comment Re:Hang on to your wallets! (Score 1) 1532

The sequester was a separate thing that should never have taken effect - it was a series of painful (and drastic) cuts across that board that hurt the interests of both parties.

I'm not talking about that, however, but the "normal" discussions on passing a budget that don't arise from a tea-party-led threat to crash the economy via debt ceiling obstructionism the first time around.

There have been serious GOP proposals to cut programs like NPR funding, and Planned Parenthood and other such things that are a minuscule piece of the pie being dressed up as fiscal responsibility to reduce the deficit, while on the other hand arguing against things like repealing the Bush tax cuts (something on the order of a trillion dollars over a decade) because that would have no effect at all.

Spending on social welfare is expensive, but necessary and is only unsustainable if taxes are too low. The problem is having a low-tax system with a high welfare system. Whether it's fair to pay for a welfare system with taxes is a matter of what side of the political coin you fall on (in my own opinion, as a lefty, it's well worth it since it leads to a more productive and healthy workforce and economy despite the supposed 'welfare queen' issue that is nowhere near as prevalent as certain people would have you think).

My main issue with the GOP right now (or more accurately, the tea party component of it that seems to be dragging the more moderate Republicans around) is that they preach fiscal responsibility and jobs, but are doing absolutely nothing toward that goal - their main goals have been exposed as "push a theological agenda dressed up as deficit cutting and/or medical safety" to oppress women and reproductive health, and "block everything Obama does" to try to score political points.

Comment Re:Non-Essential Employees (Score 1) 1532

But employees deemed non-essential — close to 800,000 — will be furloughed

Since they aren't essential, why the hell are they even working there in the first place? If they don't NEED to be there, why are they even kept on? A private enterprize wouldn't keep on staff that isn't essential to the operation of the business, because it is an unnecessary expense that isn't justified. Why should the government be any different? If the government doesn't need to do something, THEN IT SHOULDN'T!!

Passport applications. Those aren't essential, right? (That's one of the positions being put on hiatus).

National parks and museums. Again, no need to have any of those right?

"Non-essential" in this context means "things that are not absolutely necessary for the country to fall into chaos". Things like posting a guard at nuclear weapons storage areas and other such things are considered "essential". It doesn't mean that the on-hold positions should be eliminated.

Comment Re:Hang on to your wallets! (Score 1) 1532

Its the job of an intelligent citizen to not depend on the government to provide them with things and to stop saying "cut spending... OH NO DON'T TOUCH SHIT I CARE ABOUT!".

Everyone needs to suck it up and make cuts and then, maybe, they can afford to do some things they care about with their own money when it is kept in their own bank accounts.

Ok, can we cut even a tiny portion of the US defence budget, cut all subsidies to oil companies, and repeal the tax exempt status of religious "charities" that are politically active, and repeal the Bush tax cuts on the top 10%?

Those are some cuts we can get behind. The current "the government is taking your money and spends wastefully!" nonsense is just to push through ridiculous things like defunding NPR as a proposed way to balance the budget, while leaving things like the DoD's budget as a sacred cow.

Comment Re:Apple... (Score 1) 415

As I said somewhere else, I am not opposed to compliance regulation like this (nor government regulation in general - I'm a socialist), just that I feel that standardising on micro-USB would be a mistake, not to mention that this adds a layer of red tape to something that is likely to evolve more quickly than the EU can react to it (the USB spec is already becoming problematic in the area of high speed charging of ever bigger batteries, for example).

By all means, force a standard port, just not *that* one. Picking it just because it's the most common is "windows-itis" all over again, except this time mandated by law rather than just market force.

My preference would be for the EU, assuming you want a smack down, to mandate a modified Lightning connector (add an extra pin to make it electrically compatible with USB3 to make it a drop in replacement on Android devices) that is royalty free. That I could get behind.

Comment Re:Apple... (Score 1) 415

Yes, this is a new development. It's not Apple's first rodeo on this topic - the original ruling called for optional compliance, and didn't specify that the port had to be on the device itself, and that you could comply with it by making an adapter. This is exactly what Apple did.

It seems that Brussels felt that forcing micro-USB on the device was preferable to consumer choice. Such is life.

You already can charge an iPhone using one of these adapters *today* by using the converter that Apple makes (the iPhone is not fussy about what power charger it uses typically - I charge mine off a Kindle charger, for example).

This ruling is merely designed to say "that's not enough, we're going to force micro-USB onto the device".

Comment Re:Vote with your wallet (Score 1) 415

He's not calling a non-Android user a child. He's calling someone (i.e. YOU) who childishly refuses to change because they just don't like to change a child.


"I DON'T WANNA!!!!!" is a 100% complete rephrasing of your entire screed. And the reason for your childish mulish refusal? Almost CERTAINLY because "It's Gubmint tellin me whut to do!!!!".

No, no he isn't.

Let me quote it for you:

There is simply no reason to hook your phone to anything except a power outlet. If you think you still need to hook it to a computer, its time to leave the playpen and get a real phone.

He's not addressing my argument directly, but simply calling me (and anyone else who uses a non-Android phone) a child for the sole reason of not having a "real phone". That is, he's using a logical fallacy.

Your analysis of my argument is also fallacious; my argument is that I have made a choice not to use micro-USB because I find it to be inferior (in the same way that he made a choice to use Android over iOS for other, equally valid reasons of his own), and that if regulation forces micro-USB to be the only choice, then I am being denied my ability to make that choice.

Also, I find it hilarious that you think I'm coming at this as some sort of hardcore libertarian. If you've seen any of my past 12 or so years on slashdot you'll know I'm a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. I am in favour of massive expansion of the welfare state and move increased government.

Still, cute that you made such a silly assumption. Keep trying. Also, you might want to remember to log in.

Comment Re:Vote with your wallet (Score 1) 415

And I for one am glad that there is one holdout, because I simply will not use a phone with a micro-USB connector.

I hear there's a small village in France, in Bretagne, where they still resist the nefarious imperially dictated micro-USB connector, and use copper-plated wooden sticks instead.

Well, I do drive a French car, so there is that. I'm practically a native.

Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 415

So then explain why you need all those pins and special cables just to charge a phone?

What pins? You mean in the 30 pin dock connector?

I'm not sure if you're being serious or just seem to have a technical blind spot when it comes to Apple. The 30 pin connector was designed as a "universal" connector. When it's in its charging guise (the most common form) with a USB plug on the other end then only the USB power and data pins are wired. Back in the early days (gen 2 iPod) it could also be wired with a firewire 400 plug on the other end, so a different set of those pins were wired.

It also had audio line out (unbalanced) on another set, for devices like speaker docks or car radios, and composite video and S-video (for docks attached to things with television screens) among other things.

The point was that not all the pins would be wired all of the time, depending on the current device or cable you were using. It was designed at a time when things like MHL wren't common. Android phones do exactly what the Dock connector does, with a variety of different cables using software and a protocol to change the output of the pins (allowing you to pass things like HDMI over a USB port, for example). The dock connector simply did this the old fashioned way.

It doesn't follow that this somehow means that the phone "needs" to be connected to a computer, and "all those pins" are certainly not needed for charging - when it's charging it needs only the USB power pins (and the data ones if it wants to negotiate with the host controller for more than 500 mA of current, beyond the USB spec).

The Lightning cable, on the other hand, takes its design cues from what Android has done with the USB port - cutting down the number of pins, and simply switching what they do depending on the cable, although they obviously aren't doing it with the same protocols (MHL etc). The big difference is that they went with a more mechanically solid connector because they felt micro-USB was too fragile (it is), and were thus also freed from some of the other limitations of USB (current and voltage specifications), allowing for high-power charging in future.

Comment Re:Vote with your wallet (Score 1) 415

Why? All you do is charge it via USB, it no different than anything else. Works fine.
There is simply no reason to hook your phone to anything except a power outlet. If you think you still need to hook it to a computer, its time to leave the playpen and get a real phone.

As soon a wireless charging becomes common, there's never any more excuse to use a cable at all.

Again, your ignorance and immaturity is showing - resorting to calling non-Android users children isn't helping your argument as much as you like to think. This has nothing to do with connecting to a computer (which the iPhone doesn't need to do), but demonstrating that in its current guise, the iPhone (and other iOS devices) can be pretty universally charged because they come with a charging cable that has a USB-A plug on one end that can be connected to pretty much any device that has a USB port (the only time I've seen this fail is connecting an iPad to a Wii - there wasn't enough current supplied so it wouldn't charge, but it would charge an iPhone just fine).

The iPhone is not picky when it comes to chargers, computer-sourced or otherwise. My Kindle charger works with it just fine, as does every other USB port I've ever plugged it into.

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