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Comment Re:$130k a year?! (Score 1) 144

You clearly have not worked for any amount of time on minimum wage.

It is certainly possible. I did it for years. The main elements of survival:

  1. Population density is your friend. That means roommates sharing the rent and utility load, preferably ones making the same wage as you so you're on the same page and skip things like cable TV.
  2. Dry goods: rice, beans, legumes, pasta. This stuff makes prepackaged ramen look expensive. Pay attention to flyers and focus on things that are buy one get one free, and bring coupons. Oh and splurge on a multivitamin supplement so you don't lose your sanity.(cut the pills into thirds otherwise you'll just pee it out)
  3. Never exceed 2000 RPM while driving. You can double the estimated gas mileage of the car. Oh and follow Youtube videos to perform car repairs...your car maintenance costs will drop by 90%. Or just forgo owning a car if humanly possible...they're a huge money sink.
  4. Go to bed early. Bad decisions (financial or otherwise) become a thing of the past since 99% those are usually done after 8 PM, and you can't make them if you're sleeping.
  5. Take classes if you don't have the degree. When you're dirt poor and collecting the Pell grant you're basically getting paid to go to college.
  6. Buying things new is not only stupid, but financial suicide. Plenty of perfectly fine furniture, appliances, and clothes can be found at garage sales. If you're taking classes like suggested above, make friends with foreign students. They'll be jettisoning all their stuff when they leave for home.
  7. If you have (or can beg, borrow, or steal) anything metal, take it to a recycling specialist. This can net you a nice bonus. A dead grill, washing machine, large printer, etc can be worth $50. A junk car can be worth $500+.
  8. Avoid the opposite sex. Much like a car these are a huge money sink. If you meet one, use coupons on the first date. If they're attracted to your thrift you've got a keeper.
  9. Obtain as many credit cards as you can. Then load them up and forget about them. You'll get sued by junk debt buyers eventually, but all you have to do is write a basic answer and show up in court with a halfway convincing motion. They only want to settle. If you grow some stones and refuse to settle and say you would rather go in front of the judge they'll usually just voluntarily dismiss (these guys don't have any stones). So not only are you getting a piece of all the damn money printing going on, you're also freeing money from the debt slavery machine through default (right now almost all money is tied to a bank loan or a fed loan...the only freedom from this can be default).
  10. Get fit and stay fit. This opens up so many doors it boggles the mind. It is hard to climb any kind of ladder, corporate or otherwise, when you're obese.

Comment Re:Sad, but true (Score 2, Insightful) 237

Haha, depends on where you are at I guess. Maybe you need to move? Or just save some of what my grandfather liked to call "fuck you" money. Enough so that at any time you can tell your boss "fuck you" and you go find another job. Otherwise you'll just get bullied by your boss forever.

Anyway, more on topic, I hear there is a shortage of talent in the Bay Area. Although...since there are only so many LGBT software engineers who are good, software engineers who are good but who don't understand cost-of-living, single and straight software engineers that are good but don't understand that California girls are trained from birth to be cocaine-snorting psychotic leeches who will rob you blind (true story), etc.

Eventually you will see companies discover that they could move to tech hubs in places like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, etc...and have far less trouble finding qualified people (although like anywhere else you still have to weed through the dunces) because these are places a normal, non-fucked-up person who is missing some critical piece of their logical reasoning would actually consider living. So some companies will move. And while the average income would decrease every time that happens, the quality of life would increase quite a bit.

You might disagree with me for hating on the Bay Area, but I doubt there is anything anyone could possibly say to change my mind, and there are a ton of people who think the same way :D You just can't live a normal life in a place like that. Otherwise there wouldn't be a shortage there, because I hear the scenery is nice and the weather is great...

Another move is that I'm seeing it is popular to move into consulting (especially baby boomers)....so their entire incomes wouldn't necessarily show up on "salary" averages. A savvy consultant will "pay" himself as little salary as possible to avoid donating good money to the bottomless pit of the IRS.

No, things are on the uptick. The smart engineers are collectively getting smarter. The dumb ones are are getting screwed, but that story hasn't exactly changed in the past decades. There was a small blip in the late 90's where any idiot could put on a software engineer hat and make money, and those same idiots have been camping out in the industry like fat squirrels around an empty bird feeder. Eventually they'll go away. :D

Comment Re:Yeah, but $54 for a USB Wifi? (Score 1) 85

Srsly. Since when does a piddly $54 scare away a bona fide nerd. Having tools like this around when you have an epiphany on the crapper is priceless. I mean, come on, any of you could wipe your ass with $54 and still have plenty where that came from...

Ohhh...wait....I just realized something

::cue Willy Wonka meme face::

some of them think playing D&D and working at Burger King makes them nerds...how adorable

Comment Re:Do Canadian credit cards for sub $10? (Score 1) 248

Here's why...

Let's give a generous 5 cent discount, and let's say we drove in on fumes in a mammoth F-350 Super Duty with a 35 gallon gas tank.

35 * $3.55 = $124.25

35 * $3.50 = $122.50

Yield: $2.25

Meh...to make matters worse, my local bank branch is about 8 miles away round trip. If I were to drive there first to get cash..(1/20MPG) * 8 miles * 3.50 dollars/gal = $1.40

Adjusted Yield: $2.25 - $1.40 = $0.85

That adds up to about how much change I lose a week when I do carry cash.

That being said, I go out of my way to pay cash at local small businesses, and when I tip. Its just a courteous thing to do. And if you're a hard nosed bastard, those people probably own homes near yours, and if they go under they foreclose on their home, home values go down, and then the urban gentlemen start moving in. Before you know it, babies of a most peculiar character start coming out of your now drug-addled daughters...

You can't really argue the economics of using cash vs charge, since the banks have really done their math here and have made parity for the way most people live their lives. Using cash isn't practical, but it is the "right" thing to do.

Comment Re:And... (Score 3, Informative) 156

What surprised me is that the prosecutor appeared to take the tampering seriously.

Well, read the summary again

which saw four men found guilty and fined €45,000

By my tally, I have: Government:45000, Lawyers:Untold thousands, MPAA:0, Joe Sixpack:0

In summary: Two parties come to court to squabble. The lawyers and the government walk away with all the winnings. Case is then closed.

This was a win for the people comrade! I find your lack of faith [in the courts] disturbing! </sarcasm>

Comment Re:Amen! Parent is soo true! But.. (Score 2) 542

Sports teams!...haha that is totally true, and the news media has really pushed that direction in the last 10 years. The whole "red vs blue" I think is a trite way of getting Joe Sixpack (the average person) to get interested in politics and increase viewership and voter participation, but oversimplifies it to the point of absurdity and really needs to go away.

But one plays nastier? Which one is that? Politics is politics, and the only politicians that are nice are the ones that either don't have to compete, or have no chance of winning. Politicians from swing constituencies tend to be more nasty, cold, and calculating. I live in a suburban Republican monoculture, and the reps have more of an "administrative" vibe..

I agree with the other comments, it would be nice if there were more variety allowed in the system like in, say, Sweden or the UK. I for one am a devout atheist and despise religious fruitbats, but I also despise overly exuberant government spending, and I'm not alone...but there is no option for that here, you have to take one or the other and that's it!

Comment Re:Mo it is 7.5 time larger larger (Score 1) 218

You could probably get a 35mm lens to focus on a larger CCD, and then trim out the "undefined" area outside of that. But most people aren't hackers like that...they'll see the different number, think "not compatible" and move on.

When you see "35 mm", think "8086 segmented real mode" (which was added for backwards compatibility with the 8080, FYI), which you'll still find in modern Core i7's or FXes. Just one of those things that is never going to go away due to so much capital invested in a specific platform with a long legacy.

Yeah, you might be able to get rid of it, but its not "35mm/x86" anymore!

Comment Re:What a cool guy (Score 1) 146

Seriously! I like how humble he is. Please ask him if he's looking for an extra grandkid.

How is that supposed to work? "Excuse me, sir, can I live in your basement?"

::You look up and see an 83 year old man covered in acne puss, screaming like a little girl and running from something that could only be...Pizza the Hutt::

Comment Re:Wrong message (Score 1) 415

The neat part about Windows 3 it usually allowed you to ignore the error. I remember being able to eek by saving a document a few times. It didn't always work, but it at least let your try. Nowadays? Pffft.

We're sorry, Bill has halted your machine to make sure you are screwed. The only way you can continue is to reset the machine, so we can make absolutely certain all your data is lost. If you need support, please make sure to deposit $500 in quarters and Microsoft support engineers will be happy to be at your side, confused along with you. Have a nice day!

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