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Comment DIY (Score 1) 949

Geeks have never been "intellectual." They have been smart and focused on their own subject (read "obsessive'). The internet has now made it possible to for these DIYers to bypass the traditional form of education. Intellectualism equates to being well rounded - that only happens later in life, when the geek has saturated his knowledge on his own subject and decides to branch out.

Comment Entrepreneurs vs Social Climbers (Score 1) 335

The examples given include "Yahoo!, historical and current celebrities, Steven Spielberg, Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen and Angelina Jolie." In one case you have a tech company where the culture is to bring in geeks and in the other cases listed, they can be defined as creators of their own product (entrepreneurs). What is missing is the standard business model - starting in the mail room and working your way to the top. I find that the popular kids still kick butt in the standard business world. In addition to high intelligence and drive, one needs a keen set of social skills to understand management at the highest level. Most geeks do not, as per the popular Venn Diagram

As far as making them "good" adults, obsessing about your kids is a good thing.

Comment Re:Sounds like a cop-out for bad customer service (Score 1) 364

Ticketing is not just a management reporting tool. It allows us to see if there is an issue that is repetitive and needs a deeper fix. It allows IT to search on previous similar issues to quicken the time to a fix. It quickens response time to a problem and is a useful tool to make sure that issues do not get dropped. I'm a fan.

That said, IT as a business within business is bound to fail because, at the heart of IT, us guys ain't in sales and we rarely sell ourselves well. IT is a business catalyst. IT is a cost center, but you need to spend money to make money. Good IT management is good cost analysis.

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