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Comment Score 5 insightful????? (Score 1) 426

Did IQ's just drop while I was wasting my time watching the FOX news of weather, the Weather Channel? How is the parent a score 5? Insightful? "Just like New Yorkers get to giggle when those Southern folk shut down schools and stock pile supplies like survivalists because they got 2 feet of snow.". Wow, the discussions in this thread are polarized into North VS South, not unlike the earth quake last week was East VS West. I'm from Vermont and no one up here is is complaining. Dump 10 inches of rain ANYWHERE in the world in 24 hours and it will cause a crisis of some sort. We take care of ourselves. As to the topic of this tread about the storm force winds defining the levels of a storm, well, it might be time to redefine storm categories. It's just reciently been done with tornado's were had been judged by storm damage analyses by engineers after the storm has passed. "Most places that get tropical storms often enough don't build transportation systems that move millions of people below sea level with nothing preventing them from flooding. Just like most places that get snow don't not have snow plows and salt." How many houses are built in 100 year flood plains? 20% of homes in the US have flood insurance and they are not all in Vermont and New York City (the home of the other picante sauce).

Comment Wrap them in bubble wrap (Score 1) 493

What the hell. Wrap them in bubble wrap, duct tape and leave them in the living room until time to transfer them to the nursing room. I personally should have died, not unlike Hank and Dean of Venture Brothers every other month for the first 21 years of my life. Some may think the world would have been a better place. Never got my Darwin award despite septic blood poisoning, polio epidemics, car accidents, no bike helmets, playing with snakes, and unprotected sex. There,... I feel better. (mod me -1 tonight)

Comment Re:The issue wasn't raising prices (Score 1) 574

Ya gotta remember that the new price that Netflix pays is a leveraging point when cable and dish(s) come to the table for their turn at negotiating new contracts. Cable and Dish are the direct competitors of Netflix. It's all about the revenue stream. Old stuff like twilight zone compete with new programming for eyes too (season 4 :(. The number of eyes consuming content is finite.

Comment Voted with my dollar, I WILL STAY LEGAL (Score 1) 488

Just changed my plan to streaming only, for now. It's my dollar and that's what I've done. Second price increase since I started 6 months ago. With life schedule and turn around time was only able to watch 4 DVD's a month anyway. Guess I'll go back to borrowing, buying box sets and used DVD's like before. I WILL STAY LEGAL. They and the content providers have now lost a tiny bit of their revenue stream in me and others. Oh well.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 398

Why do slashdoters so love to trivialize what the "average person" does with their computer? I know not everyone is a power user, but geez, give people some credit. It is thinking liek this that make stupid things like Chrome OS sound like a good idea.

My wife and I got two win7 12 inch dual core netbooks. She watches the Decora Eagle cam while I run ubuntu in a vm doing development work for aurdino in perl, while surfing and streaming music. Or we hook it up to the big screen tv to watch netflix. It's light weight, portable, great battery life and powerful enough. Dead? Dr. McCoy's dead.

Comment Re:We build excitement! && Danger (Score 1) 189

Does anyone fail to see the problem of having what would likely be several Farads of high voltage stashed away in the body panels? I would expect if fully charged the capacitors if shorted, in a fender bender or whatever, they would leave little trace that they or anything that touches them ever existed. Just a spot of charred metal and the smell of electrolyte.

And what about the aging of capacitors or capacitor failure? It's certainly exiting when a small capacitor goes POP! Imagine when one of these suckers blow your doors off while you're driving!

Mod parent up. In the effort to improve the safety of the driving public a high energy arc as a result of a minor vendor bender is going the wrong way. It is insanity.

Comment Not all jobs can be outsourced (Score 1) 615

Not all jobs that involve telecommuting can be outsourced. I do a three month call rotation. When on call, I'm available 24x7. The 5% of the problems that require a site visit require me to get there within 2 hours. Try that from India! The two hours a day I drive to work and back are gone from my life forever. What a waste, sitting in a car.for 2 hours a day, every day for your entire life. Gone forever.

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