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Comment's also about the paper (Score 1) 712

I concur with your list of complaints about pens, and have personally settled on using the Uni Ball Vision Elite (fine), which comes in variuos size nibs, as my all purpose pen. That said, in the days before convenient personal computing (I abandoned my paper log book in 1995) I addressed the issues you raise in two ways: 1. Using different pens in different situations; and, 2. Selecting the right paper on which to write.

In many ways, pens and paper are like wines and food: the are good and bad pairings. The right paper with the right pen makes all the differnce. My favourite pen and paper pairing were a technical pen with vellum. Another favourite was an early liquid ink roller ball (not sure what brand) wtih dark blue ink on yellow coated paper.

Comment Re:IF YOU HAND THEM OVER IT WILL TAKE THEM !! (Score 5, Insightful) 467

Internet 101: anything you post will eventually become public; if you you want to keep it a secret, don't post it in the first place. The fact that these two individuals thought that they could mantain two different public personas and keep one of them a secret is simply a testement to their ignorance.

Comment Re:Warm color balance of incandescents? Really? (Score 1) 348

They didn't need to work hard to find the optimal balance for incandescents, because it's inherent in their design - they're black body radiators, same as candle flame or sun, so they've got that nicely distributed spectrum that feels more "natural" to our eyes.

Their inherent behaviour is not an optimal color balance; rather, it's the color balance that people have become accustomed to seeing. For those of us with lots of big windows in our homes, the color of incandescent light clashes with the daylight streaming in the windows.

Comment Re:Warm LEDs [Re:It only took a century] (Score 2) 348

...silly and ignorant ideas in the article about the color of various light technologies...

Fluorescent lights and LED lights can be manufactured in any color desired; it's simply a matter of choosing the correct phosphors. The fact that lamp manufacturers don't bother to manufacture lamps in a particular color(s) has nothing to do with ESL being any better or worse than other technologies.

Comment Re:"does some spying and reporting on you" (Score 4, Insightful) 635

This will be the least popular (in /. terms) answer to your question; but, it's actually the best one for your business as it avoids adding DRM (or a dongle) to your software but gives you a lever to enforce compliance.

Step 1: Join the BSA.
Step 2: When you detect illegal use of your software, report those firms to the BSA so that the BSA can perform an audit.

I would recommend that you ignore individual users who wouldn't normally be your customers; as, the BSA isn't going to audit them and for those users you are probably not financially out of pocket. That said, if you find that there are lots of individual rogue users, maybe that is indicating demand for a "lite" version of your application that costs 1/10th the full version and is accessible to non-commercial individuals.

Comment Re:I'm not sure I see the need (Score 1) 402

I agree that most employees don't create content in Office; however, the 10% that do create content are the 10% of employees who's productivity and performance are what makes a company successful. So, while 90% of a company's employees can make do with something less than a real PC, the company would quickly fail if PC's and real MS Office were cast to the wayside.

Comment Why is gender important? (Score 5, Insightful) 146

And what is the point of putting her gender in the headline? Are women generally less capable than men and so it's a miracle that she made it to project leader? I don't believe that is the case; so, why emphasise her gender? This is a non-story and shouldn't have made it to the front page of /.

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