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Comment Re:Screen size (Score 1, Insightful) 359

I agree completely. I have very large hands and a 4.7" is not a phone. I have a 4.3" phone and that is almost perfect but I could see where my SO would never be able to use it comfortably. All due complaints to Apple but I think honestly the 4" screen of the Iphone 5 is probably perfect for most hands. When I look at the Note 2 and the S3 and now Nexus 4 I am thinking to myself, how can I use this? I can only use it with two hands. That means it is a tablet, not a phone.

Comment Re:ATA drives...? WTF (Score 1) 192

Good point. That said, ATA hardware is really quite old. I don't know that it would hurt to say, you know what if you want to run 3.6 of Linux you aren't going to have an ATA drive. If they run to run ancient hardware, let them run older hardware (note I didn't say ancient hardware).

Comment Re:Bad enough I pay for microtransactions in MMO's (Score 5, Insightful) 734

This is actually a very smart move. Microsoft has to pay DVD player manufacturers to allow you to play DVDs. Here is the thing.... in the next 18 months you won't see DVD players on most laptops. Heck mine doesn't even have a CDROM. Even my media center does't use DVDs, I just play an avi file or stream from netflix/amazon.

Further, you can always use VLC. This really isn't a big deal.

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