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Comment Re:Maemo (Score 1) 97

Nokia is starting to push Symbian to cheaper devices that currently have the S40 operating system, which can't multitask, for instance. I hear that one of the good things about the Symbian OS is that it can be successfully run in considerably cheaper hardware than other smartphone operating systems.

I doubt Symbian is going to disappear any time soon, more likely its market share will increase - due to the S40->Symbian/S60 transition, much more (Nokia) phones can be categorized as "smartphones". And it's not like every future phone will have a touchscreen; in non-touchscreen devices, I think Symbian/S60 is still unbeatable.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with software !! (Score 1) 367

People are calling Nokia a patent-troll, but Apple deserves this. They have patents on multi-touch gestures and because of that competitors (like Android) can't implement features requiring multi-touch.

That's ridiculous. There are Android phones with multi-touch gestures; stuff like that predate the iPhone by decades.

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