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Comment Phantasy Star Online (Score 1) 158

What I'd love to see would be an update of the original Phantasy Star Online... Updated graphics, including Episode 1, 2, and 4 (a new episode after those would be a nice bonus), and a solid online community (preferably with all the hacks fixed). Even if its a pipe-dream, I'd also like to see them make it an available option to connect to unofficial servers for when the servers that would be put up would inevitably be taken down.

Comment Re:Games don't use multiple cores? (Score 3, Informative) 354

+1. Rhaban, physics/graphics is one of the MOST parallelizable operations we have. The "shared dataset" is the previous solved set, and no communication is needed so long as the previous set is in shared memory of some sort. The new data should be deterministically determined by the previous set. Graphics processors use this in a non-core-based system where specialized hardware modifies the data set in a pre-determined way massively in parallel.

Comment Re:Games don't use multiple cores? (Score 2, Insightful) 354

I would guess a fairly big factor is because generally the game logic which runs of the processor doesn't degrade well. With graphics you can lower resolutions, change texture sizes and add additional lighting effects which are optional so the game just looks a bit worse but plays the same. Trying to do the same with game logic is much harder, maybe some adaptive AI could be made to play better on faster hardware plus some extra graphical effects probably need some extra processor time but these changes would be much less.

Then the developers want the game to be playable on as many machines as is feasible so they head for as low a target as possible which is a single threaded machine. Making it work on multiple cores then turns into a pretty difficult task for very little gain because of the above.

Comment Re:Theater Chronicles of Riddick sucked because... (Score 1) 160

It was rushed. Terrible organization of scenes, none of it made sense.

My big problem with Chronicles of Riddick wasn't any of the cinematography or plot or anything like that... It was the jump from a sci-fi setting to a fantasy setting.

Check the Directors Cut. Enjoyed it a lot. Not confusing at all like the theater release was.

The director's cut is actually worse, in my opinion, than the theatrical release.

During the big brawl on the prison planet there's a kind of explosion that kills a pile of badguys and knocks Riddick out. In the theatrical release this is some kind of energy pistol exploding for some reason. In the director's cut this is Riddick channeling the anger of all the dead people from his home planet.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 458

Again I see it. All of you are supposedly shouting for free speech, but as soon as someone uses that right who you disagree with, you want to shut him up! I am in favour of free political debate. You are obviously not.

Comment Re:The Sony (Score 1) 684

I have only the Sony PRS-505, and have never used any other e-reader. I like it very much because it supports so many open/common formats, such as PDF, RTF, and EPUB. There is a good third-party FOSS app for it as well (Calibre). In addition to being good for public domain texts, it is also great for viewing your own documents. I used it to study my bar exam outlines, which I merely saved in RTF format and copied to the reader. Again, I can't compare it to other e-readers because I haven't tried any, but it's good for what I like to do with it. The interface is pretty clumsy, but that really doesn't get in the way too badly.

Comment I initially poo-pooed the iPad too (Score 5, Interesting) 503

I didn't think there was a whole lot of use for the device until I took a trip from Munich to Philly in one of US Airs brand new A330s and noticed something, every single seat had a USB power outlet and all over the US USB power outlets are increasing in number. Are there any netbooks that can run off of USB power? The fact that the iPad can, has (supposedly) a really good battery life, and the fact that you can use the thing while standing up has sold me on the device.

That being said, the first company that can come out with a netbook that can run off of USB power will have a winner.

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