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Comment despise managers and companies, but work? (Score 1) 229

Lots of derogatory remarks towards managers. Not so easy to be in a position of orienting others be it for educating, leading, organizing, inspiring, managing or whatever else. I myself despise jobs coporations and management -do all kinds of things but never accept jobs anymore. But if you want to do anything bigger, you need more people, and you need organization. Whatever you do, whether it is open source coding, protesting, having a big party, or a small company, you will have people, jobs, money, decisions, time, deadlines, projections, taking risks, evaluating, persisting...

In fact I think a lot of things, democracy, neighborhoods, families, small businesses, open source projects, don't move along better just because the population has no training in how to work together. Even though lots of people work their ass off, there is no coordination, so everyone is pushing in opposite directions.

Of you really want to learn about managing people and projects, join a bunch of grassroots and other small projects where everyone is basically doing and saying what they want.

Comment Re:dns poisoning (Score 1) 159

Well they have stated on the record that they don't really hope to block all file sharing - they just want to make it as hard, impractical, frustrating, and inefficient as possible.
So poisoning downloads, breaking dns, domains, uploading fakes, scaring, suing, intimidating, etc, is their chosen strategy. War of attrition?

Comment Re:Constant Pirate Bay news (Score 1) 159

Why does Slashdot report on Pirate Bay so much? Almost like it's pro-piracy or something. The summary even helpfully provides links to Pirate Bay mirrors.

Damn you're smart! You should run for office. And here I thought Slashdot, computer users, geeks, and open-source fans were all in support of Intellectual Property law, infinite patents and copyright, the RIAA, MPAA, intensely complex licensing agreements, etc.

Comment Re:Constant Pirate Bay news (Score 1) 159

Explain to me why a bricklayer shouldn't be allowed to charge for 70+ years after his life ends for every house he ever built and we'll talk.

The problem people have isn't with copyright per se. It's with the insanity copyright has turned into.

You mean you disagree with the notion of paying royalities, rent, and licensing for the use of the air you breathe? Ok, we will charge you to pollute the rest of it for a few years, and come back later with a bottle of clean air to and a contract lawyer when you are feeling out of breath.

We want to help you support clean air for yourself and for everyone. Of course, we have some costs to be reviewed.

Comment Re:Constant Pirate Bay news (Score 1) 159

If this drivel is an example of your "art" I strongly doubt you pulled in a million bucks in profit.

It doesn't say whether his art is written, drawn, painted, played, acted, built, or any format whatsoever.
It does say profit and popularity is not a very good measure for the quality of art.

Perhaps you were trying to say you politely disagree, but prefer to express disagreement and debate ideas by resorting to personal debasement and offense?

Comment Re:Totally agree (Score 2) 159

A good starting point to build a more sane society, where passionate people could pursue their passion while the rest of us could get jobs to afford luxury items to fill the void of lacking a passion, might be a basic income guarantee.


If the music industry is so interested in creating music and supporting musicians, I think all their effort and expense towards lawyers would somehow be more effiient if they created music schools, promoted musicians, shows. They want us to believe in the the insane story that humans will not make music anymore, music and culture will die and disappear from history... why? because it can be easily distributed? quickly and without cost? That's going to kill music?

Perhaps we should say that taking the corporations out of music is actually going to save it.

Comment Robert Fripp lays in to music rip-off merchants (Score 1) 159

Here you are. It's always nice to see rapist corporations put under the proper light.


Robert Fripp lays in to music industry rip-off merchants
Vista composer exposes EMI's lucrative shenanigans
Source: The Inquirer (http://s.tt/14sUS)

Comment Written law vs practiced law (Score 1) 159

people "need their free shit".

Uhm yea started a while back, British East India Company, colonies, gold, Roman Empire taxes, etc. It's what money-society teaches, by example. You can't steal. Actually... you can't get *caught* stealing. But if you have the power to, or the need to, and you're either the Authority, The Rebel, or the Poor Man... your job, obligation, or right, is to steal.

There is the written law, the praticed law, the culture, society, tradition, the moral law, social context, political reality... you have to take all of these into account. Not just the paper law. If you look at just the paper law it's either in your interest, or you are being naive.

Look at military, police, legal, and tax practices, and you will get a crash course in paper law vs practiced law real fast.

Comment Re:Constant Pirate Bay news (Score 2) 159

If there is no financial reward or incentive, no one will invest the time or money to create content.

A society that fails to protect its means of production, stops being productive.

Somehow I think the human species, motivation, inspiration, ideas, food, work, art, professions, and society must have existed and advanced quite a lot, before capital, corporations, and currency even existed. It seems that human work is not a derivative of capital, but rather, the other way around - capital is merely a representation of work. Movies "The Corporation", and "Steal this film" come to mind.

Comment Re:Constant Pirate Bay news (Score 2) 159

musicians and other performing artists have a right to be paid for their work.

Yes. Someone has to tell the corporations who are selling the work - the artists have to be paid. FAIRLY. Met someone who wrote a book for a huge publishing house, which sold millions of copies. She received $300. This "the artists have to be paid" is a nice lame excuse from the corporations. They tell the artists themselves "the company has bills, tax, etc to pay". They tell the government "we paid the nonprofits and the employees and the people and the economy", and don't pay taxes, either.

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