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Comment Re:What do you expect? (Score 1) 553

If a company releases a new product, they have to add new features to get you to buy it.

Indeed, Windows is a consumer product, made by a corporation that has stated many times it plans on getting everyone to upgrade everything fairly often. Planned obsolescence is the plan, plainly stated. Many other operating systems don't fall into those categories. Choose.

Comment How to get rid of all Windows boxes, forever? (Score 3, Interesting) 553

Linux sucks as a desktop os

Microsoft always does this bait and hook game. Already XP can't run IE9, and sites are stopping support for IE8. There's no option, accept Microsoft doesn't maintain support for their OS without forced upgrades, or just don't use it. There are some options.

The thing many people are waiting for I think is some simple way to stream win32 API suport to run any win-app you want, on demand, from one single box sitting on the network. Then get rid of every Microsoft product in sight.

Comment Re:Electric trains? (Score 1) 123

Indeed, transportation and logistics companies would love to use more trains, it is much lower cost and simpler logistically. They don't use more electric transportation simply because it doesn't get approved for building - that's the lobby money from profitable trucking and oil.

Economics however, say that trains are actually more viable in the US than in Europe, precisely because of the long distances. And for freight, there is not the minefield political issue of taking cars from consumers, who are addicted to them. In fact most auto drivers would like to see less large trucks on the roads and streets, leaving more space for cars.

Comment Re:"private sector" (Score 1) 123

and gas prices...
and more intrusive government supervision of the internet...

Accusing is a start. But we need proposals on how to stop being completely dependent on corporate services and products, and then talking in circles about what their agendas and political puppets have fed us, via marketing and media. "Should we subsidize the army? The corporations? Private military forces?"

Comment More nonsense (Score 1) 123

Nonsense. This is an attempt to create endless confusion among everyone, and not ever discuss how to create and own their infrastructure, and avoid being slaves of monthly bills - tax, food, power, communications, transportation, real estate, insurances, and so on.

Comment Gas prices by nation (Score 2) 123

See what countries pay for gas, and where the developed countries are.
Country - gas prices (in US$ / US Gallon)
Norway - 9.69
Netherlands - 9.35
Denmark 8.90
Sweden 8.90
Finland 8.82
Italy 8.74
France 8.63
United Kingdom 8.63
Belgium 8.44
United States 3.88
Brunei 0.39
Oman 0.31
Bahrain 0.27
Kuwait 0.224
Qatar (Doha) 0.83
Turkmenistan 0.72
Libya - 0.64
Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah) 0.45
Venezuela 0.085

Comment Living 40 miles from a grocery store? (Score 1) 123

That's just going to be a lot of waste no matter what anybody does. The social and monetary cost for a trip to the grocery will always be enormous. There's a reason everything is expensive in Hawaii or Japan -- they are far form everything. That's the whole reason big cities have progressed. It's unlikely world economy and infrastructure will be built around supplies for people who live far from everything, at least not until some equivalent of nuclear fusion comes around.

Comment Electric trains? (Score 1) 123

Electric freight trains. Railroads have proven themselves old and reliable technology. Almost all electric, almost no accidents. About 90% lower cost for freight transportation. Only problem is, since the trains last for decades, the tires don't wear out all the time, and the there's no massive fuel consumption, it doesn't generate lots of other costs. Those massive costs are what feed the truck manufacturing and oil business. But, there is no real change without change. The trucking and oil business industries will have to go do something else. They won't be the first or last industry get shaken up by changes in the world.

Comment We can build more power sources in no time (Score 1) 203

I really don't see what's the deal, besides an oil industry investing in a massive PR program to convince us all that their oil is the only source of power. If all the oil and coal in the world disappeared tomorrow, I'm sure lots of power sources would be built at record speeds. Power of any kind needed, clean or any other, The whole debate just relegated to the history books. Once necessity hits the fan, the creative juices will create self-powering airplanes that run infinetely. Oh wait, that's done already.

Comment Serious Climate Change? (Score 2) 203

It's still getting worse, and it still has to be done. Technically it actually seems easier every day to create always more sources of power, but politics and established economic interests mandates that people react to disasters after the fact. I'd just build nuclear reactors and electric trains everywhere, large but gradually increasing taxes on polluters, and subsidies for clean power. Heck, we're spending a ton of money and risks importing shiploads of raw materials for power.

Comment Perhaps scientists will gain some listeners (Score 3, Insightful) 242

After years of horrible persecution of scientists and accusing them of crimes for the results of their research and voicing their opinion, taking us back to the middle ages, perhaps now they will gain a bit more respect. But we're still far from paying them anything near what they deserve, anywhere in the world.

Comment Linking gov-corp and public's rights to privacy (Score 3, Interesting) 288

Let's have laws linking the right to privacy of the public and scientists, to the rights to privacy of corporate executives, politicians. Let's see if they will relinquish their rights to have private talk corrupt practices. And since they are representatives of public servants of public-supported, publicly owned, legally public entities, they should have very few rights to privacy.

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