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Comment This is what I did (Score 1) 766

Both my mum, dad, sister, girlfriend, mother in law, girlfriends granddad(!) are using Ubuntu now. This is what I did.

First let them use Firefox and Thunderbird (if they use POP/IMAP mail) and maybe OpenOffice.org for some time. This will give them a hands on experience with alternatives to MS software. For most of the users the introduction to Firefox was a blast. They quickly noticed a much better web experience compared to Internet Explorer.

Then I offered them to try Ubuntu LTS. Installed it on a small partition on the disk, so they had dual boot. Then I told them to use Ubuntu for all their web surfing needs, etc. and only start up Windows, if they had to do something that would not work in Ubuntu. I also made them write down what didn't work, and we would look at it next time I visited.

Some of the users soon just stopped ever booting in to Windows.

So here is the status:
* mum: using Ubuntu LTS, but still has dual boot to Windows Vista because of a special application she needs at work.
* dad: only using Ubuntu LTS. I have had one support question about how to find imported pictures from a digital camera.
* sister: only using Ubuntu 9.10, but recently she needed a Windows application for school, so I installed Windows XP in VirtualBox. Apart from installing Win XP in Virtual Box, i have not had any support questions for over a year.
* girlfriend: only uses Ubuntu 9.10. I never have any support questions.
* mother in law: using Ubuntu LTS, I do not have any support questions. She primarily uses Firefox and OpenOffice. It Just Works for her.
* girlfriends granddad(!): Using Xubuntu LTS. Font size has been increased a bit from the default. I had one question about how to install a very old printer. Turns out the printer did not work on the computer (did not have parallel port), so he got a new printer.

Comment Re:The WHO needs to shut the fuck up (Score 1) 372

To me it seems like the WHO overreacted, people and governments bought in to it, and now they are looking for a scape goat

To you. Are you a doctor? Are you a virologist? What the fuck do you know? Nothing. Do you think anybody in his right mind is going to risk the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by paying attention to you?


The vaccine seemed to have provided significant protection. It's hard to tell how many people would have died without the vaccine, but twice as many is reasonable.

So, are *you* a doctor? Or a virologist? What do you base your conclusion that the estimate that twice as many would have died without vaccine is reasonable?

Submission + - 9/11 pager data released on Wikileaks (wikileaks.org)

thomasdn writes: Wikileaks is releasing over half a million US national text pager intercepts from a 24 hour perioud surrounding the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington. From the article: "The archive is a completely objective record of the defining moment of our time. We hope that its entrance into the historical record will lead to a nuanced understanding of how this event led to death, opportunism and war."

Comment Re:Get rid of TLDs! (Score 1) 74

Will greedy capitalist evil corporations steal your domain? All you have to do is show that you've actively used the domain (and not just merely have a parking page),

What if I have never used the domain for web pages, but have used it for e-mail? How do you prove/disprove that?

and that you've registered your trademark with the correct authorities (something that could be done by the domain registrar where you bought your domain).

I have the domain thomasdamgaard.dk, which is not a registered trademark but a personal name. Shouldn't I be allowed to own this domain?

What if I think a domain, say, foo.tld is a cool name for a website, I plan to make. Shouldn't I be allowed to use that? Say I register the domain in 1999, but then in 2009 some company called Foo Inc. wants the domain. Maybe the company even has a trademark on Foo. Does that mean that I should hand over the domain?

Comment Re:Be interesting (Score 1) 186

To see who has a problem with this, but is A-OK with connecting to any random unprotected WAP they can find.

I don't think that calling up people's voicemail and trying default PINs to obtain access to private information is equivalent to connecting to a random unprotected wireless access point. I think it would be a more fair analogy if you said connecting to a specific wireless access point and then packet sniffing the data traffic on it. Just using an unprotected WAP is not and should not be a crime. Leaving your WAP unprotected is just courtesy.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Pirate Bay Bought by Internet Cafe Company

Gylany writes: "Notorious filesharing site The Pirate Bay has been bought by an Internet Cafe company as as reported in Computerworld. This move, although somewhat predictable, has produced some fairly emotional and mainly negative reaction, with comparisons to Napster and cries of "Sellout". Given that many other torrent sites remain to take up the slack, this may not make make much difference, still for any this will mark the end of an era."

Direct-To-Consumer Genetics Testing Makes a Splash In Boston 78

eldavojohn writes "MIT's Technology Review has the scoop on the first annual Consumer Genetics Show starting today in Boston and it looks like the rage these days is genetic testing sans the middle-man physician. And it's getting more prevalent and more available: 'A number of companies offering direct-to-consumer genetic testing have cropped up in the past two years to capitalize on these advances, from 23andMe and Navigenics, which offer genome-wide scans to identify specific disease-linked genetic variations, to Knome, which offers whole-genome sequencing to the wealthy. Any doubts that personal genomics is making its way into the mainstream can be assuaged with a look at Interleukin genetics, a startup that sells genetic tests for heart-disease risk, B vitamin metabolism, and other factors through Amway, the direct-sales company.' Over-the-counter genetic tests may be much closer than you think. The article raises concerns that this information will be misused/misinterpreted or even provide a false sense of security. We've discussed some states prohibiting this last year."

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