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Comment Roll your own (Score 1) 1354

Roll your own geek. No, serious. A friend of mine is married to a beautiful young lady and she wasn't a geek when she met him. After 10 years she's almost as much a geek as him - she followed battlestar, and knows why the Minbari surrendered on the eve of victory. Another friend's girlfriend knew nothing about computers (neither did he!) but when they got one she became an net geek ( the late 90's amateur kind ), all IRC and Napster. Proper little nethead she was. You can take a regular girl and if you're lucky you can turn her into a geek. Just take a slowly and make it FUN. I suspect World Of Warcraft might be your starting point.

Comment "Didn't see any need" ? (Score 4, Insightful) 366

Call me an old software biz cynic but when I see the phrase "didn't see any need to implement a voter-verified paper record" I read that as "given complete assurance by the sales team that the system was 100% accurate". Never attribute to malice that which is just as easily explained by incompetence. Never attribute to incompetence that is is more readily explained by a bunch of lying sales weasels.

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