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Feed Hacking My Child's Brain (

The father of a 6-year-old boy with sensory processing disorder is trying to reprogram his son's brain. By Mark Woodman. Also: Read the latest installment of Hacking My Child's Brain on Bodyhack.

Feed Dire Warnings on Global Warming (

Extreme weather, drought and spreading disease are on the horizon if something isn't done to rein in the human impact on the environment, a new study says. By the Associated Press.


Submission + - Lost Tomb of Jesus

An anonymous reader writes: Haven't seen this on Slashdot yet, but the Discovery Channel is planning to air a documentary (with James Cameron as executive producer) called the Lost Tomb of Jesus ( They claim some limestone ossuaries discovered in 1980 could have contained the remains of Jesus, his wife Mary Magdalene, their son Judah, and other family members.

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