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Comment Re:Shouldnt a debit card at gas pump get cash pric (Score 1) 732

The argument I've heard is: you don't go inside and see that bag of chips, big gulp fountain, or smell the hotdogs that've been in the rollers for a few days. That's a loss for the gas station. Out of the two competing stations near me, station-A charges a few extra cents for using a card, station-B doesn't and their gas is usually the same if not cheaper than station-A's cash rate. I've since written station-A off.

Comment Not totally banned in Florida (Score 1) 732

There seems to be a loophole for gas stations here. Some charge a few cents more a gallon if using credit. I stopped using a nearby gas station for picking up the practice and went to a competitor who doesn't charge extra. In fact, the competitor's price is always the same if not cheaper than using cash at the guy charging extra. It became common for a short while when some merchants had minimum purchase to use a credit card. I loved to see the look on a guy's face who tells me I have to make a $20 purchase to swipe after he's made my food. I just shrug and say, "it's all I have," and walk off.

Comment Go read: Accidental Millionaire (Score 0) 330

Side-of-the-story set aside, that book made Jobs look a whole lot different than Apple would paint him today. Steve Jobs was the business man, not the innovator. I remember the book documenting an argument between Jobs and Woz's father where the latter was screaming at Jobs: you didn't do shit!!! The argument was about money. That book showed Jobs as a tyrannical, tantrum throwing, son of a bitch that everyone at Apple feared and hated (despite a lot of them made an assload of money off their stock benefits). No surprise Hollywood is trying to make him look like a saint; so many of them carry a piece of his legacy in their pocket or briefcase.

Comment Re:Why are they even nurses? (Score 1) 851

Nurses have to challenge themselves to take care of people with a myriad of backgrounds and walks of life. You have to support them in their care even if you don't support their color, religion, lifestyle, etc. They're nurses because they can do that. However, that doesn't mean any of us should shed our own beliefs and become a blank slate. We have rights just like the Jehovah's witness that doesn't want blood products when they're bleeding to death but wants you to fix them without transfusing them.

Comment Re:Good - Hers is irresponsible behavior (Score 1) 851

Wrong. You're blurring the simple fact patients are people, nurses are people, and we all have rights. Many patients with cardiovascular/pulmonary illness smoke cigarettes. How about locking them up until they don't want to smoke anymore? And with the rising cost of healthcare and overpopulation, let's pass out mandatory abortions and vasectomies after you've had 2 kids. Wife got a breast lump? Chop them off. No questions asked. No chemo, that shit is expensive!

Isn't having a choice in your health nice?

Comment What a double standard (Score 1) 851

My hospital gave us two options: 1, get the shot; 2, wear a mask intended for droplet isolation when in direct patient care. What's funny about the latter option is you only have to wear the mask while say in the patient's room. Droplets swirl, and travel and other nurses breathe it in and exhale it in patient's rooms. It's fucking punishment and I'm surprised it hasn't gotten legal attention any sooner. We ask every patient admitted if they've had their flu shot. If they say no, then we ask if they'd like one. If they refuse it: end of discussion! This could be an elderly patient ready to catch the flu from another inpatient and then take it to the nursing home and hack it up there, however everyone has a right to refuse. Nevertheless, many hospitals are cramming it down health care worker's throats and saying they don't have a right to refuse? Bullshit. I'm glad this is hitting the fan.

Comment Re:No persuasion required (Score 1) 510

Burden of proof? Ha! My state, among many others, is a right to fire... er, work state, yeah that's what they call it. You can get fired just because you like asparagus much less carrying your banned phone at work. I work with sensitive information all the time, but it's healthcare information and is of little value to most people. But really, should you be piddling with your phone at work other than to take that emergency call? How often does that happen? If my phone gets my attention, say my wife calls me 3 times in a row, I'll excuse myself from the work area to take the call. I'd be willing to bet the guy's boss in fact gives himself such a luxury.

And btw, I can remove the camera from my phone with a nail and hammer. Save that $20 for some beer it sounds like your boss drives you to drink.

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