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Comment Personal analysis (Score 1) 248

I usually look for a bell curve in the graph of starred reviews. If I see two curves, I usually go to read the lesser-starred reviews. This can go both ways with competitors leaving poor reviews, but you can usually tell. The other is looking at the user's other reviews. If they leave a very favorable review and it is their only review on Amazon, then chances are it's a bunch of crap. Would be nice if you could filter reviews more based on how many reviews a person has left.

Comment Another down (Score 1) 89

Microsoft seems to have this habit of competing with professional products by releasing half-assed products of their own. A guy I'm doing web design for swears by Expression, simply because how seamless it was to edit his site. Click save and it quickly uploads changes, much faster than my preferred Dreamweaver. However, Expression sucks balls from a professional point of view.

Comment Re:flip flop flip? (Score 2) 449

The people in the US have ADD when it comes to the issues and our focus is on whatever is a problem in the media. When high gas prices were a discussion years ago and Katrina hit New Orleans, we forgot about the cost of gas and put Bush under fire for FEMA's lengthy response (which was partly because they had to double back out of the Mississippi River and go through Lake Pontchartrain). The fiscal cliff is a top discussion at the moment and now, with the tragedy in Connecticut, gun control will be a focus. Personally, I don't care about marijauna becoming legal or not. It's your body, so do what you want. You can already drink, smoke, and eat yourself to death... why not get high?

Comment Re:Speaking as an example... (Score 2, Insightful) 129

You can do something for someone or something to someone. I see too many people come into my ICU, many are in their golden years, having treatment turn a fatally acute encounter turn into a long unhealthy condition. What does it do for them? Nothing. What does it do to them? Torture, steals their dignity. A neuro surgeon told me something like: sometimes my job is making people's time left on earth as undesirable and expensive as possible.

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