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Comment Re:Dear Parasite (Score 1) 2416

Veterans typically are only eligible for "free healthcare" if they are poor or disabled. For example, the income threshold for benefits around here is $30k/yr. Above that, VA typically won't even consider you. Below that, they might assuming you have a service-related disability, a Purple Heart, or served in "high risk" (e.g. Agent Orange) theaters; even then, the "healthcare" typically is focused on your service-related disability. A veteran who is earning anything above around $15.00/hr isn't going to receive "free" health care. Don't believe me? Here: Disclaimer: I am a disabled combat vet. I haven't bothered applying for VA health benefits because my employer benefits are light-years better than anything VA could offer. I can also get in to see a doctor when I'm sick, as opposed to waiting a month or two for an appointment.

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